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  1. F

    What to do? (digging in cage)

    Hi I’m new here so please bare with me. I have a 2 rabbits. Solider,4 RexF, and Skooma,2 mini satinF, they are not bonded and both are fixed. I’m here to talk about Solider. We resently moved and because of this we had to get her a new cage because hers broke in the move. Well her new one comes...
  2. odyssey~

    constructive critism of Odyssey's cage please!

    heyo! this is Odyssey's pen. it is a 4' by 2' amazonbasics jumbo small pet cage connected to a 5' by 3' NIC pen. the door to the amazon cage is always open, and she gets free roaming opprutinities or playtime in a larger space for 12+ hours of the day. she doesn't chew on the flowers strung...
  3. peanutdabunny

    ♡Whats your favorite thing you have for your bunnies?♡

    Hi Everyone!!♡ Whats your favorite item in your rabbits space? Or are you just inlove with your rabbit's space and want to share? Post it here! It can give people ideas of what to buy for there bunny! If you have a link make sure to link it so others can get it too! If you have an idea of what...
  4. peanutdabunny

    Post aesthetic rabbit set ups here!

    Hi y'all! I am always looking for how to make me and my buns space amazing and pretty! I use pinterest a ton to find cute set ups for ideas, but sadly I do not have instagram, and instagram has a ton of adorable boho bunny set ups! If you have instagram and you are on bunny instagram you'd...
  5. A

    Cage biting even though he has all the room to run

    Hello, Another bunny cage rattling/biting question! I have my bunny in a pen and I keep it open during the day so he has the option to go in and out of the pen and into the room. He has started biting at the metal bars even with all his toys, food and an entire room to run around in. I’m even...
  6. alemargo

    Chews metal cage. HELP!!!

    My bunny broke a leg and needs to stay in the cage with limited movement. He is free roaming and hates it there. Chews on the metal wires at night. I'm afraid he will brake his teeth. He is 8 y.o. Any ideas to help him to break this habit?
  7. hamsterdance

    Free Cage- Green Bay, WI

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is allowed. I am having to rehome my bunnies due to personal circumstance but their new home already has an enclosure for them. I have a large cage I made- it has a wooden base that is approximately 4 feet by 4 feet with a linoleum floor covering it to make it waterproof...
  8. Haru the Lionhead

    bunny stays in cage all the time

    Hey guys i had my bunny for a month now and as I said before every day she does something new so I don’t really know what’s normal for her and what’s not. But she used to get very excited to get out of the cage and she would run like crazy and binkies all the time. Now.. she eats well and...
  9. Bugie78

    I need help trying to figure out how to let my rabbit roam free.

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I made a account on this forum specifically because I am stuck trying to figure out how to let my rabbit roam outside her cage. She has been in her cage a lot in her life. And before you say rabbits shouldn't be in cages, I know. Mom bought me Daisy (my rabbit) at a...
  10. H

    Rabbit flooring

    Hello I have a nearly 5 month old male rabbit, I recently increased the size of his indoor cage to a puppy pen which doesn’t have a floor, I have laminate flooring atm. I put some rodent flooring down and a mat but he just chews them both, he has also urinated on the rodent mat? he is a big...
  11. Brie Prsnk


    I guess some could say Biscuit is a carpet enthusiast or lover. He will dig and pull it all up if he could. I'm looking for a cheap, safe material to put under his x-pen. I'm planning on covering it with fleece because he chews a lot and will eat everything more than likely it will be a sheet...
  12. Jedi_Col

    Help with unexpected litter

    Hello! Let me start with a bit of backstory. About two months ago, we found a bunny in our yard that was clearly domestic. After catching it in a cage, we found for some help for finding a home after going door to door asking if anyone lost it. Then about 4 weeks ago, we find ANOTHER bunny...
  13. Chloe Duwelius

    Cat litter for underneath mesh floor

    Hi! My Holland lop bunny has a armoire that we turned into a cage. She has 3 levels. The top 2 levels are wood with puppy pads and fleece covering it because she is not spayed yet. The bottom level is mesh, and beneath the mesh layer is a big tray to catch her number 1 and number 2. We are...
  14. Gelly

    My bunny prefers his small cage to the ex-pen!?

    Originally when we got our bunny, we knew little about rabbits. He was a surprise birthday present so I hadn't really prepped. We bought him a 2 and a half by 1 and half foot cage with a ramp up to a little loft area before we knew rabbits actually need way more space. Once I learned, I attached...
  15. caseita

    Where should i put the wire?

    So i'm gonna have to put some wire mesh in my X pen because he was able to escape, and i was wondering if i should put in on the inside or out of the pen? Dont want him to get hurt or be able to escape either. Would appreciate some advice, thanks.
  16. Alplily

    End table crate?

    Has anyone tried one of those end table crates?,30959891 I have two male Holland Lops who live in a dog crate in my living room. They are let out when I am home. Looking for a visual upgrade and...
  17. Kate7654

    Can I move a pregnant doe?

    I have a doe that’s just turned 3. She hasn’t been breed in 7 months. I live in Minnesota and winters are so cold and my rabbits stay in the garage in the winter witch keeps adults warm enough but not young kits. I would like to Breed my doe before winter sets in but, we are switching her into a...
  18. Aggeliki

    Playpen bunny problem

    So I got a new playpen for my dwarf-ish bunny and I let him 5-6 hours a day in my room outside the playpen. The playpen is 60x60 cm don't have a big room so....yeah. The problem is he keeps biting the wires and he can actually move the playpen itself. I'm just really scared every time I hear...
  19. A

    Making Bunny Playpen

    I’m wanting to make a little playpen/sleeping space for my bunnies so they are locked up in the cage as much as have a little more freedom. I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas for this? I have carpet in my apartment and they like to dig that up and they like to go to the bathroom...
  20. Xel

    Free Roaming to Caged

    Hi! I have two rabbits, Luna and Lucien, and they're free roaming rabbits. They have their own room for night time, but they've got a lot of space in their room. My fiance and I are buying a new house, and there isn't a good space (right now) for their room. We are buying a house with an extra...