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Sep 30, 2019
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Hello i have a 7 year old rabbit weighs about 3.5kgs who suffers enlarged heart. She had respiratory problems in the past since 2019. I gave her 0.6mg Vetmedin twice a day and 0.4 Fortekor once a day. About 4 days ago, i saw unusual scaning head movement and her eyes flickering side to side. She still have normal appetite but have little problem accessing her water bottle. I brought this up to "Help for Tilt Hoppers" FB group and they all said the same thing about her. The symptoms most likely will be inner ear infection or E. Cuniculi.

The problem is medication route for her might contradict each other. For her inner ear/cuniculi, i was told to give her Fenbendazole (Panacur), Abx (Azithromycin) and NSAID (Meloxicam). I did my research and it said that NSAID is have some reaction with Fortekor, but NSAID were kinda crucial in the treatment plan.

My question would be how do i tackle this problem? Is there any anti inflammatory for heart patients?

How long do you need to use NSAID in cuniculi/inner ear treatment route? Do you need to use them until the end of the treatment plan alongside with Fenbendazole and Azithromycin?
Please i need help. Her condition is complicated. I need to act fast before the problems accumulating into head tilt or worse.
There's so much medication that she needed to take, i'm afraid it'll affect her kidney or liver somewhere along the way.
What about baby aspirin? Though it's not commonly used in rabbits, it is on the list of safe medications for rabbits. I don't know if it will be as effective as meloxicam, but it is a NSAID commonly given to people with heart issues, so might be a safe option(confirm with your rabbit vet). Just be aware that it is a blood thinner, and it can sometimes cause gastric upset so it shouldn't be taken if your rabbit has gastric ulcers or other stomach issues. Also it shouldn't be given if other NSAIDs are being given.

Also be aware that some rabbits can have a negative reaction to azithromycin. It is a very effective antibiotic for rabbits, but can rarely lead to stomach cramping at a minimum, or worst case is severre digestive upset. Because of your rabbits existing heart problems, I don't know that I would risk trying this antibiotic. I would maybe try something like enrofloxacin suspension first. It's less likely to cause any side effects.

Treatment for e. cuniculi is usually a minimum of a month for the fenbendazole. For an inner ear infection, depending on the antibiotic, but if enrofloxacin is given, that will be a minimum of 4-6 weeks, giving at least 2 weeks past the last of the symptoms clearing up. And the anti inflammatory, would be given as long as there were symptoms, and could normally be stopped once the symptoms clear up.

If you have access to a knowledgeable vet, please make sure to double check if the medications are safe to give with your rabbits current condition, and what the appropriate dose would be for your rabbit.
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