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  1. Z

    Neutered bun dripping urine

    Hi all, My 2-yr old bun (neutered at 6 mos) has been dribbling urine--I find a few drops scattered here and there. The dribbling has been increasing, though. Before I found only the occasional drop, recently, I've found 3-4 scattered drops nearish the litterbox (but some found on carpet and bed...
  2. MiliMilo

    Anti Inflammatory for Heart Disease

    Hello i have a 7 year old rabbit weighs about 3.5kgs who suffers enlarged heart. She had respiratory problems in the past since 2019. I gave her 0.6mg Vetmedin twice a day and 0.4 Fortekor once a day. About 4 days ago, i saw unusual scaning head movement and her eyes flickering side to side. She...
  3. P

    Please, I need help. Should I euthanize my poor baby

    Good evening everyone. I am currently crying the Niagara falls as I am having a horrible decision to make, allowing my 4 years old baby bunny to go to binky heaven or not. He had E. Cuniculi from birth which I tried treating, had several GI stasis to cure but recently, he has lost some weight...
  4. Celexis

    E. Cuniculi worries - any advice or information is greatly appreciated

    For those of you who have had a bunny with EC and was treated with Panacur and survived I need your help. I’ve looked quite possibly literally all over every bunny site/forum/article/etc for these answers but for some reason no one has mentioned them!!! My bunny got to the stage where he is...
  5. pinknstink

    *URGENT* Rabbit dangerously skinny

    My rabbit has been sick for awhile and it had mainly just been bad incontinence problems, but over the past month he has lost a lot of weight. He has always been on the skinnier side but now he is to the point where I am scared he is going to die from being too skinny. Since he is very fluffy it...
  6. C

    Can't figure out what's wrong with my bun

    Hi I'm new here. I hope someone has some insight to offer for my bun because I cant see a specialist for weeks. My 11 year old dwarf's first symptom was very sudden cloudy eyes that turned to a cloudy eye with a white line( we think uveitis) and now the white bands are spread throughout...