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  1. Oldbun89

    Prolonged Nystagmus in geriatric rabbit

    Hello, I have a geriatric dwarf rabbit who is approximately 12 years old. August 2022 she came down with nystagmus, head tilt and frequent bouts of GI stasis. Vets ruled out e.cunniculi and she was put on a course or Baytril and Metacam every 12 hours. Head tilt and nystagmus stayed away as...
  2. D

    E Cuniculi

    Hi Friends, Bubu (male HL" got EC and confirmed by Vet on 21st December. We went to Vet on 21st right away for acupuncture to help ease the neck pain and also getting medicine. We then started giving Panacur daily, syringe feed critical care & water every 3-5hrs for at least 5ml each. So a day...
  3. MiliMilo

    Anti Inflammatory for Heart Disease

    Hello i have a 7 year old rabbit weighs about 3.5kgs who suffers enlarged heart. She had respiratory problems in the past since 2019. I gave her 0.6mg Vetmedin twice a day and 0.4 Fortekor once a day. About 4 days ago, i saw unusual scaning head movement and her eyes flickering side to side. She...