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  1. AllieBUNderland

    Alice's Drooling Update

    Hi guys, so I have an update on Alice's drooling situation (see my last 2-3 threads). It's not exactly good. So the first bad things to happen is that the local rabbit vet left. I was pretty devastated to say the least, I loved that vet office and that vet and now I have to go 30+ minutes to...
  2. ncknyr

    My bunny doesnt look like he has incisors

    My cute little bunny used to have perfect incisors and he used them to chop many and different hard food pieces. I checked his teeth 2 days ago because he was looking that is was hard for him to chop the pieces and it looked as if he had none at all incisors. What do I have to do to help him...
  3. AllieBUNderland

    Still drooling, but worse. Tried everything.

    Hi guys. I'm back again with Alice and she's still drooling all over her face. (See my previous 2 threads for context.) Now she's losing fur too and it's happening more often. I tried switching to a water bottle. I tried eliminating treats and decreasing pellets to like a tablespoon. I tried...
  4. AllieBUNderland

    Wet and dirty chin and cheeks

    Hi guys. I've been lurking around a few rabbit forums for a long time but I've never actually signed up or figured out how to use them, so I apologize if I'm doing this wrong. Long post incoming because I write a lot. Basic symptoms: - Wet cheeks and chin, started today - No smell - No redness...
  5. potatopouf

    Rabbit Missing Fur Under Chin

    Hello, This is my neighbor's rabbit that I am watching, but I noticed that he is missing fur under his chin. Does anyone know what this could be?
  6. Teresa1996

    Crooked incisor - help with eating veggies&hay

    Hi all, first a bit of backstory: I have a 6 years old boy, who got diagnosed with a bone eating infection in his lower jaw. Since then we have had multiple vet visits and procedures, which resulted in my bun having parts of his lower jawbone removed, as well as all of his lower molars and one...
  7. S

    Are my rabbit's teeth ok? + buzzing noise

    Hi all! My little Coco has been with us for a little less than 6th months now. She's a 2 year old lionhead x rex. I usually check her teeth once every few weeks, but I noticed her nose was wet today. I also noticed that she's been making a "buzzing sound" these past few days. I don't think...
  8. D

    Is there anything wrong with the upper teeth?

    Hello i notice my buck bunny (Bubu) has dark upper teeth and they also seem to be cracked.. I am still looking for dental vet in Jakarta that can check Bubu's teeth. do you know what's wrong with his upper teeth? Is this something that can be fixed and cleaned too? Not sure if there's any...
  9. rcordeiro

    Chipped tooth?!

    I was giving my little guy a dried fruit treat and noticed he was acting like his mouth was bothering him. I was able to take a quick peek at his teeth and found this. he does not seem to be in any pain but he keeps washing his face. Our vet is closed until the morning but I’m just so worried 😭
  10. V

    Please help! Runny bunny eyes and vets are stumped

    Hi, this is the first time I’ve ever posted to a forum website and it’s a bit of a long description so apologies in advance but I’m really hoping I can’t be the only person with a bunny in this situation... We had a pair of bunnies for about 4 years, they live outdoors in a bunny shed with a...
  11. alemargo

    Chews metal cage. HELP!!!

    My bunny broke a leg and needs to stay in the cage with limited movement. He is free roaming and hates it there. Chews on the metal wires at night. I'm afraid he will brake his teeth. He is 8 y.o. Any ideas to help him to break this habit?
  12. bellathebouncingbun

    Cost of front teeth removal

    Hi everyone 🙂 I made a really bad decision of buying a bunny from a lady I knew of through a friend. My previous bunny has been put down recently and I was feeling lonely but also ready to move on and give love to a new rabbit. Her name is Lola and she’s a female lionhead and is so gorgeous...
  13. Lemony4

    Wet matted fur around one side of mouth

    Hi all, so I took one of my rabbits to the vet yesterday to get her teeth checked. The last couple days I've noticed that around one side of her mouth and chin she has perpetual wetness and it's causing her fur to mat. I brushed it out a few times and even cut a bit but it's still just very wet...
  14. Season

    Teeth trimming

    Hello everyone. I just rescued an adorable male bunny he is approx 4 years old. He has been getting regular trims for his front and back teeth where he was living. He is use to it and does very well when they are done. The rescue told me that the front are done quick with a special tool. The...
  15. Hartlea

    Potential Dental Problem?

    Hi, All! I have a one year old Holland lop, and I think he MAY be having some dental issues. He, by nature is a somewhat picky bun, but in the recent months, I seemed to have found (or thought I found) hay that he really liked. He has really upped his hay eating...but it has decreased again...
  16. V

    My bunny is not a hay eater

    Hi all, my nearly one year old male neutered Holland Lop, Mookie, barely eats his hay. When I originally got him at about 6 weeks he did, but gradually he just stopped. He does eat his high fiber pellets, and I round out his diet with leafy greens daily (mostly celery leaves). I have him...
  17. Niomi

    Hay and Dental Health

    I found this article that I think is very good on hay and dental health: https://mohrs.org/hay-dental-health/
  18. smokepearl

    Is a broken tooth a permanent dq?

    My rabbit recently broke one of his top teeth off, I have no idea how but it’s growing back and he’s eating/pooping fine. But, once it grows back completely will he still be dq’ed from shows? Will you always be able to tell he had a broken tooth at one point?