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Feb 26, 2023
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Connecticut, USA
Hi guys, so I have an update on Alice's drooling situation (see my last 2-3 threads). It's not exactly good.
So the first bad things to happen is that the local rabbit vet left. I was pretty devastated to say the least, I loved that vet office and that vet and now I have to go 30+ minutes to find an exotic vet now. That's got my family upset too. Luckily the new vet I found is extremely knowledgeable as well, so it's worth the drive, I think.
So yeah, a few days after I posted the thread she stopped eating and drinking. I critical care'd her for 2 days and brought her to the new vet. They looked in her mouth with a funny looking tool while she was awake and didn't see anything, although they couldn't see her furthest back teeth. In an attempt to rule out a stomach issue or swelling, they sent me home with some Meloxicam, to give 0.7 mL orally every night for a week. (They also sent me home with some estimated bills for things like vaccinations, spay surgery, and oral surgery.) The medicine helped, she started eating ravenously again (as she did before), she stopped acting aggressive and drooling.
But that was over a week ago. She's back to drooling and acting aggressive. She's eating and drinking slower too.
I know I should call the vet but it's so expensive there, it's $100 for an exam/visit, and I'm also not home right now so I'll at least be waiting til I'm home.
And the potential for oral surgery scares me.
The estimated price is between $800-$1200. I can't afford that right now and neither can my family. There's a risk of her dying. I don't know what to do and I'm terrified. I can't get a job and I'm not getting any commissions so I don't know where or when I'll get money. I think I just need some guidance and/or moral support again. I really want what's best for her but I don't know what I can handle. For now I'm gonna go back to hanging out with my friends while I wait for a reply and go home.
The fact she was so much better on the meloxicam suggests she is in pain somewhere, but is there a possibility it may not be dental? Is it possible to carry on with the meloxicam until something else can be done? At least she will hopefully brighten up and start eating again to give you some more time to think about your next moves.
I don't know if this is the case in the USA, but in the UK you can request a prescription for the meloxicam (and many other drugs) from the vet for a fee and then buy the drugs themselves online. It often works out a lot cheaper - that's my plan when Miley's current bottle runs out. I've checked how much the prescription and meds online come to together and it will save me a fortune!

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