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  1. Smokeyskenzie

    Bald spots when shedding?

    So a few months ago we found Dale in our backyard, we’ve overcome abscesses, respiratory infections and now I fear there is yet another issue stemming from his past possibly? He is shedding a ton right now and I’ve noticed that he has a lot of bald spots. He does not live with any other rabbits...
  2. FinnishPerkele

    Rash in chin?

    Hello. I have noticed a rash in my rabbits chin, when dry, you are able to pick this hardened puss (or atleast i assume its puss). At first i thought it was wound from his long nails, as we had a small break from cutting the nails because the scissors were lost. Well i called vet and told them...
  3. M

    Bunny chewed dewlap off, help please.

    Hello everyone, my bunny Luke is about 17 months old. She usually has a big dewlap. Well last night she pulled out her dewlap and I noticed a patch of skin under her chin, now granted the last time she did this I didn’t look under her chin. I was wondering is this normal or should we be...
  4. Maki_p29

    Black lumpy wart?

    I was just petting my bunny around her eyes and noticed this hard crusty thing in her fur and on further examination it appears to be a raised, bumpy, black wart like growth. I will post pictures below. has anyone had experience with such a thing? Any suggestions of what could be happening?
  5. P

    Found a bunny

    I found a bunny on my beach, it’s not a baby but it’s not full grown. It’s back legs don’t work and it’s missing a lot of hair on his back legs. The skin is like pealing off of it. Anyone know what to do?
  6. Bambithebunny

    Bunny bald patch? Irritated please help!!

    Hello everyone! So last friday I was grooming my bunny and I usually pluck out the hair around her tail with my hand. Of course I don't pull too much, just enough to make the already loose hair fall. Anyways I noticed that there was a lot of hair falling out a bit over her left back leg and when...
  7. Niomi

    sebaceous adenitis

    My 5 year old mini rex has been having some skin issues for a couple of months. I ended up taking her to a vet dermatologist, and the vet thinks it is sebaceous adenitis. I have to add safflower oil to her food and take her back to the vet in 6 weeks. Just wondering if anyone has any experience...
  8. C


    My rabbit has some bald spots that wont go away. Her skin is flaky in those areas and the flakes come off with her fur that is newly grown. All the vets I've met tell me she's ok. Also in the last days her eyes started leaking. Anyone know what it could be??
  9. L

    Spreading lump on rabbit cheek? (Please help!!)

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a diagnosis of some sort? Basically 2 months ago my 5 year old Netherland Dwarf developed a sudden red lump on his nose. We thought it could be burn from the radioactive as he likes to be near them or some sort of sore so we put some sudocrem on...