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  1. A

    Rabbit viruses and my cat

    Hi guys! Sorry I’m posting again, but I do have a different question. I have 4 rabbits. 3 are bonded and live together in a shed and run outside. my fourth bunny lives inside, in a room off of our garage (in an xpen) We have a cat aswell. He lives in our “garage” He is allowed out during the...
  2. B

    Deworming question for new rabbit

    Hello, I was doing some research and found to be safe you should treat your new rabbit with Panacur to help prevent E Cuniculi I’ll be getting my bunny in a few days and was wondering if it’s safe to give to a 9 week old bunny? I was definitely going to wait until she got settled in first before...
  3. elentari

    Scary Moment Last Night/Early Morning

    So I thought I'd share my Great Big Terrifying Ordeal that I had with my bunny earlier, in the hopes that if someone is going through the same thing they can find this post and figure out if the situation is similar or where to go from there, if it's not. Information and awareness ya know...
  4. Hartlea

    PLEASE HELP! Rabbit not drinking/eating well after Molar Spurs

    Guys, I need some help/support/advice, etc. My 1 year old Holland Lop had some molar spurs filed down Wednesday afternoon... I had noticed he wasn’t eating as well. He definitely had abrasions in his mouth. Anyway, long story short, I got him home, and I could get him to eat mushy pellets...
  5. xbject

    Rabbit drooling

    Whenever I pet my rabbit for a long time she starts to drool. Is this normal? Cause when I pet her a little she doesn’t, could it just be her falling asleep from the pets lol?
  6. Hartlea

    Rabbit drinks A LOT of water....

    Hi, all! I have a holland lop...about 3.4 lbs. I have noticed here in the last couple of months his drinking habits. He had a bout of stasis, and when this happened, I drastically cut down his pellets in his diet. He basically had free feed on pellets, and now, he only gets 1/8-1/6 a cup a...
  7. Laur94x

    Worried about my 8 month old rabbits ear

    We have Poppy since she was 16 weeks and her health was generally fine. She eats well,poops and pees as normal and is very playful and gentle. The past two or three days I noticed she has a small bit of hair missing on her ear. When I moved the hair there was scratch like marks. She grooms her...
  8. Hartlea

    Should I just chill out some? Health scare

    Hi, all! So, I posted last night about my bunny not seeming like he wanted to drink. Well, I got him to drink some last night... once for a good 3 minutes straight, a couple of other times for about a minute or so each. This was last night after he got sub-q fluids in the morning. However, I’m...
  9. Floyd2019

    Coccidia or Megacolon? Looking for info/opinions/advice

    Ok so still waiting on results from the fecal test i sent in for my bun a couple days ago. Not sure how long it'll be. I have been researching since then and have my suspicions about coccidia... i am going to post pics. His poop goes like this soft mush a lot and the last time it randomly turned...
  10. S

    So my rabbits pee turns reddish..

    Hey guys, I've had my Honinozuka for a couple of years now. Since winter last year, his pee has turned a reddish color. At first it came out reddish, so I looked it up and found that sometimes rabbit pee will turn red or orange during the changing weather. But now it is July.... and while he...
  11. B

    Fur malting in matted clumps?

    Incase anyone thinks of mites - I've already thought about mites being a possibility but he seems to have none of the symptoms I've researched and otherwise seems like a normal healthy bunny. Anyway basically he's moulting very strangely this summer. All previous years he's moulted his fur has...
  12. Floyd2019

    Cecal Dysbiosis

    I'm so sad, Floyd's intermittent soft cecotropes have returned. He was doing so well for three months! I was so happy. Not sure what has caused the return, it could be the fruit treat I feed him every once in a while, or less likely, the fact that I had to feed him regular bok choy instead of...
  13. Belle rabbit

    Very sore spot on my rabbits neck scared it’s an abscess

    I have pictures of the process of this spot to today’s date scroll to the bottom of all the information for the pictures. So since May 19 I noticed a bit of redness to my bunnys neck/dewlap and looked kinda like a hot spot. I put cream on it and it started to heal. I’ve watched it everyday...
  14. D

    Rabbit not peeing.

    I got my 10 week old rabbit yesterday at around 2pm and she is eating her hay and pellets really well. She is also drinking really well but she hasn't peed at all since I got her, and it's been around 27 hours since I got her. Should I be concerned yet?
  15. P

    My new canvases

    How cute are these bunny canvases, they are giving them away for free! I just received mine in the post https://perksandbliss.com/collections/giveaway/products/black-white-baby-animal-rabbit-tail-canvas-art-print The look amazing ! It was recommend by this account on Instagram...
  16. Missy Aimee

    Orange urine

    Image by Missy Aimee posted Apr 11, 2019 at 8:30 AM Hello! I have a 4-year-old mixed bun bun named Marshmallow. Today I noticed that his pee looks to be an orange tint? I’m concerned because a few days ago I had to put down my bunny Nobu due to kidney disease. Forgive me if I’m over worrying...