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  1. JazzPizzazz

    Indoor or outdoor?

    Hi there! I have looked online and there is much debate over whether domestic rabbits belong indoor or outdoor. I personally think that it would be great to let my little Netherland Dwarf, Jazz, live inside (of course after I get her desexed). But, my parents, whom I live with disagree. Please...
  2. Abigail_Carolina

    Do I need a Litter Box?

    In a couple months, I will adopting a couple rabbits (most likely Holland Lops). They will both live outside, due to some of my siblings being allergic to rabbit fur, and so we can't have them as inside rabbits. I was wondering if-- even though they will live outside in a hutch-- I will still...
  3. Abigail_Carolina

    Should I get a Holland Lop or a Mini Lop?

    I am going to be getting a rabbit in a couple months, and I have decided on a lop rabbit. I looked through different lop breeds, and I can't decide between a Holland Lop and a Mini Lop. This is the first rabbit I will be having as a pet. I have three siblings who are pretty young (4, 8, and 11...
  4. richards1052

    Rabbit proof door gate

    We keep our rabbit outside in the yard during daytime. In summer, we like to leave the door to our home open for ventilation. But we need to have a gate to prevent the rabbit from re-entering the house. Can someone recommend a gate that preferably is supported on the doorposts via springs so...
  5. richards1052

    How much food?

    We have a 2 year old rabbit in excellent health. We put him out in our fenced front yard most days when it's not raining or snowing. He has a garden there he feeds on year-round. In the house, we feed him fresh Timothy Hay. The question is--given all that feeding how much, if any pellets...
  6. Rosy

    keepng bun warm outside

    winter is coming... (at least where I live) and this is the first year my bunny is living outside. how do I ensure that he stays warm? it can get pretty cold. any tips?
  7. J

    Wild bunny garden! Suggestions and examples

    I'm moving into my first actual home (instead of an apartment) within a month. I would like to dedicate the side yard specifically to a wild bunny garden. I want to plant grasses and foods for them and plan to create a pond area (small shallow kids pool with a fountain probably) for water. Any...
  8. button+banjo

    Help me figure out why my rabbits are STILL producing excess cecotropes

    I have two bonded Holland Lop brothers that live on my front porch, and have been having problems with them leaving cecotropes around. I addressed this last month (see this thread)...
  9. AmandaCat

    Bunny Walks - Helping or Hurting?

    My 3-month-old mini lop Louie loves going on walks. He adjusted to his harness and leash almost immediately, and every time I take him out he binkies constantly. We have several acres behind my house he loves to explore, and it’s way more exercise than he could ever get in my tiny room...