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  1. L

    Need some nutrition advice for a old bunny

    Hello people :) I have a bunny that is 12 years old and he recently became realy weak and dropped weight (he's weight now is 1.1kg), and he won't eat food so much (very little amount). I went with him to veterinary, and he got some antibiotics, but it doesen't help. He's just too old and this...
  2. M

    Exclusively hay eating rabbit producing excessive cecotropes

    Hi everyone, My mini lop Bambi is five months old, and he's just been desexed. Ever since we took him home at 8 weeks, he's made an excessive amount of cecotropes. For this reason, we've had him exclusively on oaten hay which he loves and eats plenty of. He's been dewormed, and had anti...
  3. cassjane

    3rd Cutting Timothy Hay Okay?

    Hi friends! My 10 month old Holland Lop, Kyle, is an extremely picky eater to the point of starving himself if he doesn’t get food that he loves. However, he LOVES small pet select 3rd cutting Timothy hay. It’s really the only hay he will eat an adequate amount of (I’ve also tried their 2nd...
  4. cosmoluna

    Best Digestive Support Suplement?

    Hi everyone! For the past few days my buns have both randomly had very small droppings and don’t want to eat much early in the mornings. They eat hay and fresh veggies in the afternoon and evening perfectly fine, and are drinking water. They also act very normal and have been more active...
  5. Season

    Food advice needed for weight gain....

    Hi everyone... I rescued my bun about 3 months ago. He is approx 4 yrs old as per the rescue (however we think he is older) and has chronic dental issues. He has his incisors trimmed regularly as well as his back teeth are done. I brought him to the vet when I first adopted him (March) he...
  6. JVL

    Type of hay for Rabbits

    I had read very clearly they should be eating Timothy hay from Oxbow, which they ate okay, but my Lionhead mix (snowball)didn't eat it as much as the Lop(thelma). I switched to a Timothy meadow hay from Oxbow and they both eat it like crazy. I know Alfalfa is a no, but is this kind good...
  7. Mrizzy97

    Low calcium diet

    My baby rabbit has been peeing out white due to a high calcium/alfalfa hay diet. I took out alfalfa hay completely and switched to Timothy hay. However, does anyone have any recommendations for additional food for rabbits on a low calcium diet such as specific pellets, veggies, etc. Your advice...
  8. S

    Mama had some babies... what now

    My female mini Lopp just had some babies this morning I’m not too sure how many I can’t see that fully covered. However I’m not sure if I should be feeding her something special to give her some extra nutrients so like vitamins or something just so she feels well. What’s better to give her...
  9. M

    New mother won’t eat pellets?

    Hi, everyone! I’m new here and I’m looking for help. (My questions are at the bottom if you don’t want to read the whole backstory!) I’ve got two lop mixes and I was told by their breeder that they were both males. They were about 8 months when I got them and I’ve had them for about 5 months...
  10. Gelly

    Is a gravity water feeder with a carbon filter safe for bunnies?

    Happy 2020! I got one of those gravity feeders that dispense water and can hold a lot. My bunny drinks a lot of water but would tip over his bowls (he's an eager little thing) so I felt like this would solve both the problem of me having to keep refilling and prevent him from tipping. The water...
  11. Lois south

    Can rabbits eat callaloo?

    Hi Guys My neighbours, family friends and my parents have been giving me lots of callaloo also known as amaranth, that they have grown. I am up to my neck in it. Has anyone ever fed callaloo to their bunny before because I know that I can't finish it all on my own. Thanks
  12. B

    Bonded pair - different diets?

    I'm new to bunny ownership but just adopted 2 cuties on Friday! Since they're still young (estimated age around 4-5 months), on the advice of the shelter vet, I'm continuing with unlimited hay and pellets, and beginning to introduce some veggies. Right now the veggies are just in very small...
  13. Lois south

    Rabbit diet help!

    Hi guys I have no idea if I'm feeding my rabbit correctly. I have read a lot online and sometimes sources don't agree. I went to my vet and they literally said they know nothing about rabbit nutrition (they are incredibly trash and I'm currently looking for a new vet). He is 4 month old mini lop...
  14. Gelly

    Is this Timothy Hay good (photo attached)?

    I'm a new rabbit owner and I wanted to be economical and buy hay by the bale. I bought one from a feed store about a half an hour away from me. It was $20 for a 40 lb. bale. It doesn't look or smell as nice as the Kaytee timothy hay I had originally purchased for my bun. Can anyone tell me if...
  15. L

    Bonding Rabbits With Two Different Eating Habits

    Hi all, I am currently in the process of bonding two female rabbits. I've noticed that one of them, the more dominant one, eats a lot quicker than the other one does. This leads to her trying to steal the other bunny's food after she finishes hers. I'm not sure how I will be able to house...
  16. Kat Lust

    Safe for My 3 Month Old Bunnies to Eat Timothy Hay?

    Hello everyone, Recently, I have been a bit concerned about the diet my rabbits have. I have heard that for young rabbits up until 7 months old or so, are supposed to eat Alfalfa Hay, as it is the best for their growth and health. I have two 3 month old bunnies, and I have had them for a bit...
  17. A

    How soon can I give my bunny vegtables? and how much should I

    Hi all! My bunny is 10 weeks old and I gave him a small amount of green leaf lettuce today, his first introduction to vegetables. I am going to keep an eye on his litter box to make sure it does not upset his stomach. Am I introducing him to vegetables too soon? Up until now he has had...
  18. A

    My bunny will not eat hay!!

    I rescued my bunny when she was around 6-7 weeks old. i fed her alfalfa hay for 1-2 months. I switched her to timothy hay and everything was fine until recently. she won’t eat any hay. AT ALL! i don’t know what i should do to get her to eat Timothy hay. please help! Thanks :)
  19. Kat Lust

    Is it safe for bunnies to eat the brown shipping paper that comes with Amazon boxes?

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first time posting. I've got two adorable Mini Lops, and I've only had them for a few weeks but they are my babies :3 my bunnies love chewing and digging and I've heard people say paper is a good way to keep them entertained in that regard, and I had recently...
  20. CloverInTheField

    How’s many pellets should I feed my 10-11 week old rabbit?

    I have been feeding my 10-11 week lion head 1/4 of a cup a day since I’ve got her. I give it to her in the morning everyday. She has unlimited hay and water, the only thing restricted is her pellets as I heard unlimited pellets could cause problems later. Is this a good amount? Should I be...