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  1. P

    Netherland Dwarf baby rabbit in Connecticut

    Hello, I'm going to adopt/buy one or two Netherland Dwarf baby rabbit in Connecticut. Do you know where I can find Netherland Dwarf baby rabbit in Connecticut? Thanks
  2. Elys1

    Can i put an un neutered buck with a neutered buck, or should i wait?

    I have recently got a Netherlands dwarf buck who’s currently 12 weeks But as he is a dwarf the vet has said that he cannot be neutered untill he is 6 months due to his size; i am looking to bond him with my 1 year old french lop buck who is already neutered. Could i begin to bond them yet or...
  3. Elys1

    Can i bond my neutered buck with my new un neutered buck or should i wait?

    I have recently got a Netherlands dwarf buck who’s currently 12 weeks But as he is a dwarf the vet has said that he cannot be neutered untill he is 6 months due to his size; i am looking to bond him with my 1 year old french lop buck who is already neutered. Could i begin to bond them yet or...
  4. jasperelconejo

    Experience with cryptorchid neuter?

    Hey there! I actually just came across these forums looking for information on this and I figured I would make a post myself to try and gain some insight or personal advice. I have a Netherland dwarf who is 7 years old, I got him at 11mo old from a family and they gave him away because he...
  5. J3lly

    Is this a good quality lynx ND

    Hello, I am thinking of getting another bunny. This buck is 6 months old. I am still learning about how to pick a good quality bunny. I am reading the Netherland dwarf guide book. Would he be good for breeding, show or pet? What are your opinions. Is lynx a hard colour to work with?
  6. JazzPizzazz

    Indoor or outdoor?

    Hi there! I have looked online and there is much debate over whether domestic rabbits belong indoor or outdoor. I personally think that it would be great to let my little Netherland Dwarf, Jazz, live inside (of course after I get her desexed). But, my parents, whom I live with disagree. Please...
  7. JazzPizzazz

    What colour?

    Hey there! I am new to this forum website, but I joined because I have been wondering about the colour of my Netherland Dwarf. I bought her from a breeder who bred very unique Netherland Dwarves. They have bred these rabbits since they bought a white doe with blue eyes. Here’s Jazz:
  8. Mimi Bunnies

    How would the babies look like?

    Hi everyone~ I have a black eye otter blue buck and a red eye pointed white doe (with black on her nose, ears and paws) how would their baby look like? They are netherland dwarfs. Thank you~
  9. L

    Netherland Dwarf Shaking

    Hey everyone, I've got 2 netherland dwarf rabbits one is over a year old (Grey) and the other is less than 6 months old (Harlequin) Our grey rabbit was shy at first but has opened up into the most amazing rabbit you could ask for, Our newear addition is adorable and sweet will now come to you...
  10. Mooni the bunny

    Netherlands Dwarf Bunny

    Hello, Recently got a angel bunny yesterday, she is a Netherlands’s dwarf and a month old in two days. We have little knowledge on her breed and how to care for; not any bunny, but a dwarf bunny. We would like to know more. She is so sweet, she lets us know when she is ready to leave the...
  11. J

    Peanut or runt? Also with eye injury

    Hi. My netherland dwarf first time mom gave birth to 4 kits June 13, 2019. Two have survived since then. I thought they were peanuts honestly and didnt expect them to make it this long. At 4 days old, mama bunny accidentally clipped baby boy bunny eye with her nail, and his eye never healed. I...
  12. Zoe Franchino

    At what age do you stop showing a rabbit?

    My show rabbit will be three next year, and I’m new to rabbits so I don’t know what the usual span of showing them is. Just curious, as we had our first show today and he was absolutely fantastic.
  13. baobeithebuns

    has your bunny completely changed colour?

    meet totoro, he is a siamese sable lionhead buck! he is not mine, but i do follow him on instagram: @nimbus_and_totoro i am fascinated with bunnies changing colour.. i personally love the surprise! i have a lionhead and a holland lop, my lop is moulting and her fur is almost coming back a...
  14. Zoe Franchino

    Need help with my show bunny

    Hi all! So about two months ago I picked up a bunny that I plan to use for 4H. He’s a two year old Netherland Dwarf buck, and has been shown before and done really really well in his classes. Tonight, for the first time ever, I picked him up and attempted to pose him. It didn’t go very well. He...


    Henlo My rabbit (6mo old) always has some type of digestion problem, but for the past few days I noticed he would occasionally get a really watery kind of poop, not diarrhea, like a very thin light brown liquid, but then the poop would go back to normal so I wasn’t worried. But today, he left a...
  16. Zoe Franchino

    Thoughts on my Netherland Dwarf’s conformation?

    2 year old black otter Netherland Dwarf buck Couldn’t exactly get him posed as we’re still working on him allowing me to touch him Hopefully this picture will be okay anyway
  17. Zoe Franchino

    My bunny doesn’t like to be touched?

    Hi everyone! I got my first bunny about a week ago, so I’m pretty new to this rabbit business. He’s a two year old Netherland Dwarf buck. I adopted him from a breeder (I was friends with the breeder, she passed away and her daughter is liquidating her bunny barn, and offered me a bunny. I know...


    Henlo My bunny is a 5 month old, male Netherland Dwarf. He often has some problems with digestion - usually having very soft stools or diarrhea (which I took him to the vet for and he’s been pretty well ever since.) He’s had no problems the past week or so and then yesterday evening after having...
  19. finnsmom

    What breed is my rabbit?

    I have a 13 week old bunny. I was told he’s a netherland dwarf mix but based on his ears that doesn’t seem to be true. I think he may be a havana mix. He’s chocolate brown (pictures are low quality) with white/grey under his paws. Any guesses?

    What breed is my bunny? A Netherland dwarf?

    Its my first post here HII My question is - my bunny (BunBun, male, four months old, weighs 750 grams), as I was told when I got him, is supposed to be a netherland dwarf, but from the research I’ve done he doesn’t look exactly like one, (which I have no problem with because he’s the cutest...