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  1. IsaBun03

    Lump under left rib cage (Possible tumor or just stomach?)

    Hello, new member here (although I have used the forum for research before) My rabbit Tanya, around 4 years old, has a quite large (perhaps a golf ball) sized, hard lump on the left side of her body, right underneath her rib cage. I noticed it at least 4 months ago, and it seems to get softer...
  2. T

    Lump after vaccination

    Hey, Got my two bunnies vaccinated last month (2-in-1 jab). My 4 year old which has had the combined jab is completely fine. My (almost) 2 year old had the combined jab for the first time. She is completely fine other than having a small lump at the injection site. We got the jabs on the 21st...
  3. MiliMilo

    Lump Under Skin Around Hind Leg

    I'm sorry for the long thread but i need to Previously i had a thread about my 7 year old rabbit named Milo who had heart disease with respiratory symptoms like "raspy snoring" sound, dry sneezing and breathing distress when she's lying flat. I took her to the vet in january and revealed that...
  4. DutchBunny19

    Could it be cancer?

    My partner noticed a small lump on our belgian’s front left paw about two weeks ago. It looked like a small spot, was a light pink colour like the rest of her skin and didn’t look irritated or sore at all. I just assumed she’d caught it on something, and since she was walking fine and acting...
  5. A

    Large lump on bunny

    Hello everyone, This is my first time using this site -- hoping to get some helpful information. I have a 4 year old female New Zealand albino rabbit. About two months ago I brought her to the vet for a leaking eye, the vets flushed her eye and prescribed her eye drops. It came back that she...
  6. L

    Lumps on rabbit

    Today I came to my rabbit and he was not active and just laying in the corner when usually he is very active and hyper. He has had GI stasis a few times but has recovered with baby simethicone so I gave him some just to be safe but I dont know if that's the problem this time. I picked him up and...
  7. L

    My bun has a bubble under left rib cage!

    Hello everyone I have a 1 1/2 year old Lion head dwarf bunny and she isn't spayed. So for about a week now I was aware of this big bubble and it feels firm. Pretty big and feels like it goes to the other side but it is hard to explain it is the size of half or maybe more of the rib cage and is...
  8. A

    Blue breast, 9yrs old

    See pics. Annabelle is 9 yrs old. Healthy except for occasional mud butt which i believe is diet related. Happens if she runs out of food in the night or eats too many fruits. Uses her litter box a little less tho, seems to happen if box is a little dirty. Past issues: Had 2 still born babies...
  9. M

    Lump under rabbit’s chin

    So, my rabbit Beau has had ongoing issues with his health. It started with a runny nose and he’s a little underweight (previous owners didn’t take care of him properly) He was on Baytril for a week, with no improvement. I also noticed he was starting to drool a little bit when eating, so my vet...
  10. V

    Help please large mass from rabbit

    AA2EEAFE-35FF-4692-A141-3466B258BCC0 by Victoria1357 posted Nov 28, 2018 at 10:40 PMHi. I have two 6 month old unneutered male giant continental rabbits. Both were in perfect health until this evening I went to feed them and noticed that one of my rabbits had a large protrusion from what looks...