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Aug 8, 2019
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Today I came to my rabbit and he was not active and just laying in the corner when usually he is very active and hyper. He has had GI stasis a few times but has recovered with baby simethicone so I gave him some just to be safe but I dont know if that's the problem this time.
I picked him up and noticed a huge lump on his stomach. It is hard and maybe the size of a quarter but not perfectly round. It is hard too but you cant see it physically, just feel it since its under the skin.
He has a large lump on his armpit area too that I believe is a lipoma but he's had that for years and it is doing no harm. But this is way different. I also found another tiny spot on his side that is maybe pea sized.

What kind of bump can this be? How do I tell if it is an abscess or something else?
He is 8 years old so if it has to be surgically removed I'm scared it will be too much for him to handle now. He has never been to the vet either because there was never a need, so it would probably stress him out even more to have a surgery in this condition :( I also read that lumps often come back on rabbits.

Mackenzie Salm

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Jun 23, 2019
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Wisconsin USA
being the age he is it could be cancer, I would take him to the vet or even ask maybe your vet will come out to you possibly so he doesn't get as stressed out. But you would rather stress him out and know what it is then let him stay in the pain he is probably in. I don't think it is anything you could have helped its probably just because of his old age. I hope he does well, best wishes.

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