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  1. C

    New born kits part 2

    So I posted about my concerns earlier and got some help for it but this concern is a little more concerning🤣 so when my bunny gave birth she gave birth in the nest I did not want her to go in I had let her free during the day thinking she was going to have her babies at night but she had them at...
  2. C

    Newborn kits

    So today on Easter🤣 my bunny had 9 baby bunnies one of them was very undeveloped she ate it💀 and the 8 others are pink and look pretty healthy some are smaller then others and I was wondering if it was normal they don’t look skinny skinny but I’m not sure if she fed them how do I tell?
  3. C

    Pregnant bunny not giving birth

    Hey guys so I’ve already made a lot of threads like this one but I have realized that my bunny had a false pregnancy then got pregnant right away after that. She is now actually pregnant I don’t know how many days she is! I know for a fact that she is pregnant because the babies are very very...
  4. C

    Bunny isn’t giving birth

    So my rabbit first bred February 28th but I don’t know if that’s really the day she got pregnant so honestly I don’t know when she’s due but her stomach is huge last week I could feel the baby kits I think but this week I’m not sure maybe I’m just not good at palpating. Her stomach is half firm...
  5. Bcwildex

    Help gendering baby rabbits?

    Hi! First time posting here and in need of help. My kits are 7 weeks old at the minute but I am struggling to determine their sex. They’re mini lop x lionhead mix so they’re v small. Here is a link to images of their parts: I’ve also attached the pics to this post —each pic has their names so...
  6. L

    ACV For Receptive Breeding

    I heard that ACV is good to give to help with more receptiveness for breeding. I know it’s also a good health benefit too. But how long should I use ACV before breeding so my buck and doe are willing? One week? Five days? Three days? What do you think? How much ACV should I put in their water...
  7. C

    My mini lop had a litter of 6 dead kits

    Morning, I have woken this morning and first thing I have done is gone to check on my doe. She has a produced a fantastic nest, but sadly her six kits are all dead. They look a bit long and ‘stretched’. I was wondering if this meant she trouble birthing them? Getting them out the birth canal...
  8. L

    Rabbit Colours and Colour Predictions

    Hello! So we have two sisters that are 5 months old that we believe to be REWs, just want to make sure absolutely but I’m pretty sure. Here they are: They are bonded to our 7 year old neutered Mini Lop buck. We believe he is Opal with agouti, what do you think?? (no they are not kept outdoors...
  9. daniiblax3

    Rabbit Labor

    Hi, I have a lion head rabbit that's approximately 4 years old and just had her first litter (it wasn't planned) anyway yesterday (32th day) she went in to labor around 7:45 pm inside her nest box, after she came out I checked and there was only 1 kit, after this she acted normal but still kinda...
  10. Joanne Armstrong

    My gorgeous girl give me reason to smile again

    So it been a terrible month my Nan passed away, then Charlotte ate her litter, Reggie killed all hers and sadly my beloved dad past away last week. But today I found my gorgeous Stevie had given me reason to smile as I found several little bundles of joy in her home. I couldn't be more pleased...
  11. Pixie895

    34 days pregnant and no babies Help please

    Hi all, please can someone help me. My rabbit Lilo is 34 days pregnant, I’ve felt the babies kick and I’ve got videos of the babies moving so I know she’s definitely pregnant. She made a nest almost 2 weeks ago and I was expecting her to give birth over the weekend but there’s still no sign...
  12. cupcakexo

    How can I save the 3rd litter of babies?

    Hey All.. My bunny is now 6 months old, and has had two previous unsuccessful litters. The first time, she was too young and didn’t know what to do. She gave birth to them all over the cage, and they all eventually died as I tried to hand feed them with KMR as advised by vet. They died within 3...
  13. B

    HELP! My bunnie has not given birth yet!

    So I bought a French lop from a lady and she said she was pregnant when I bought her she said that the rabbit was due March 15. She has not had her kits yet she isent nesting or anything this will be the rabbits first time delivering kits any information is welcome thank you!
  14. Sana Khanam

    Separating Kits

    Hi , I would bev grateful if someone can help me with this. I have a doe 6 months old named Shawee who birth to 3 kits. She is the best mom I've ever seen,most loving!! They all lived together quiet playfully, took care of one another and licked each other.I kept them together till nine weeks...
  15. ashlea

    Breeding rabbit colours.

    I am trying to learn about the dominate colours in mini lop rabbits. We have a seal point male (left) We are thinking of breeding him and wondering what colours he will throw. I know he has vienna and harlequin in his background. Looking at the orange broken butterfly colours, seal...
  16. Spectacles

    Solid black x chinchilla???

    Hi all I have a rabbit that we are hoping to breed. She is chinchilla and the buck is solid black, I know both of these colours are resesive so I was wondering if anyone could clue me into how the resulting kitts may look the first pic is the doe and the second the buck
  17. Kate7654

    Help! Can I breed an orange holland lop to a broken black tort holland lop?

    I’m wondering if I can breed an orange Holland lop with a broken black tort holland lop. The orange is the buck and he carries dilute and chocolate. Both of his parents were orange/chocolate harlequins. I haven’t gotten the doe’s pedigree yet. If I did breed these two what might I get? Thanks!
  18. N

    New bunny need help with id-ing breed and health issue

    this is our new bunny he is supposed to be 6 weeks old not positive though I would like help identifying his breed and he seems to be sneezing when I try to google it everyone says it’s only if a problem if he’s sneezing too much but as I am new to this I have no clue how much is too much about...
  19. gb1913

    Rabbit Colours? (Photos)

    I'm new to rabbits online and I never really got into the whole world of names breeders have to identify coat colours... Could anyone tell me what colour my Rabbit April is (photo attached). She also delivered 2 surprises the other day. They're about 5 days old now, super excited to see how...
  20. chlocbfkgj


    Hey all! So tonight about an hour ago, we went down to do the nightly check in on all the rabbits and a first time mom had her kits, FINALLY! LOL but the problem was she had pulled fur in the box but left the kits on the wire, so we did as usual and took them in to warm them up. After that she...