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  1. B

    HELP! My bunnie has not given birth yet!

    So I bought a French lop from a lady and she said she was pregnant when I bought her she said that the rabbit was due March 15. She has not had her kits yet she isent nesting or anything this will be the rabbits first time delivering kits any information is welcome thank you!
  2. Sana Khanam

    Separating Kits

    Hi , I would bev grateful if someone can help me with this. I have a doe 6 months old named Shawee who birth to 3 kits. She is the best mom I've ever seen,most loving!! They all lived together quiet playfully, took care of one another and licked each other.I kept them together till nine weeks...
  3. ashlea

    Breeding rabbit colours.

    I am trying to learn about the dominate colours in mini lop rabbits. We have a seal point male (left) We are thinking of breeding him and wondering what colours he will throw. I know he has vienna and harlequin in his background. Looking at the orange broken butterfly colours, seal...
  4. Spectacles

    Solid black x chinchilla???

    Hi all I have a rabbit that we are hoping to breed. She is chinchilla and the buck is solid black, I know both of these colours are resesive so I was wondering if anyone could clue me into how the resulting kitts may look the first pic is the doe and the second the buck
  5. Kate7654

    Help! Can I breed an orange holland lop to a broken black tort holland lop?

    I’m wondering if I can breed an orange Holland lop with a broken black tort holland lop. The orange is the buck and he carries dilute and chocolate. Both of his parents were orange/chocolate harlequins. I haven’t gotten the doe’s pedigree yet. If I did breed these two what might I get? Thanks!
  6. N

    New bunny need help with id-ing breed and health issue

    this is our new bunny he is supposed to be 6 weeks old not positive though I would like help identifying his breed and he seems to be sneezing when I try to google it everyone says it’s only if a problem if he’s sneezing too much but as I am new to this I have no clue how much is too much about...
  7. gb1913

    Rabbit Colours? (Photos)

    I'm new to rabbits online and I never really got into the whole world of names breeders have to identify coat colours... Could anyone tell me what colour my Rabbit April is (photo attached). She also delivered 2 surprises the other day. They're about 5 days old now, super excited to see how...
  8. chlocbfkgj


    Hey all! So tonight about an hour ago, we went down to do the nightly check in on all the rabbits and a first time mom had her kits, FINALLY! LOL but the problem was she had pulled fur in the box but left the kits on the wire, so we did as usual and took them in to warm them up. After that she...
  9. Cookie-Truffles

    New to breeding. Please help me colour Gene's...soo confused

    So my mini lop doe gave birth yesterday to 7 healthy kits. All doing amazing so far including my doe. We rehomed our rabbits from someone who apparently bonded the doe with her netherland dwarf which has resulted in a litter of 7. Cookie our doe is a mini lop which I will attach a photo of...
  10. Cookie-Truffles

    Litter of 7 born today....Need help & advise please

    We rehomed 2 rabbits 10 days ago. They are 11 month old miniature lops brother and sister and not neutered so our plan was to take them on and have them spayed and neutered and then gradually bond them. However we soon realised the doe was pregnant. I asked the woman who we got them from about...
  11. L

    URGENT - Please help....litter born today 7 kits......

    Hi, We have a 2 darling Holland Lops that we have bred once before this year and 3 healthy kits were born. We decided to breed the mom again and she delivered her second litter this morning but shockingly she had 7 kits. One of the kits is smaller than the other but not sure if it is really a...
  12. M

    15 Day Old Bunnies (Feeding and Nest Questions)

    Hi there I am a new member and new bunny mom! I have recently adopted two bunnies one male named Beauford (Netherland Dwarf) and one female named Beatrice (Holland Lops)! The owners never notified me she was pregnant and I never really realized the signs she was showing until she gave birth...
  13. Joanne Armstrong

    3 week old kits

    My baby kits were 3 weeks old this past Sunday 17th March and only one out of 5 has their eyes open. Should I leave them a week or so longer or try clean them to see if they open, there is not gunk, mucus etc but most kits Stevie has had before open their eyes at about 10-14 days. Please help
  14. Nikkijones

    Injured baby! Help! Warning, graphic photo!

    So our rabbit gave birth last night/this morning. When I went and found the new babies 1 was lovely and healthy.. the other not so much. Looks like it's head may have been sliced open by mum's nail or something? Definitely the smaller of the two that were born. What should I do? Just leave it...
  15. Laur

    Our first kindling

    In November I posted about my Holland Lop Reva, who was having difficult labor and finally gave birth to one kit, DOA. Later I posted when we rebred and our nest box dilemma. Well we finally have our kits - two little Hollands. Here they are, a few minutes old. I was not expecting them until...
  16. Laur

    Nest box timing?

    I know they say to put the nest box into the cage a day or two before due date. My daughter is eager to do it soon, although we are only halfway through. Are there reasons other than cleanliness to wait? Will she be less likely to recognize it as a place to build nest if it goes in sooner? Last...
  17. S

    Surprise litter - please help me!!

    Hello! I have what I was told were two female mini lops...however, it turns out that one was actually a boy after discovering a nest and some wiggling hay. :confused: Can anyone help me with what I need to do? I’m so scared the kits will die and am terrified of looking in case the mother...
  18. Gaby Gomez

    Baby Bunny Update

    A few people asked about my girl Thelma and her two kits! Here are some images of them. She has to beautiful babies, both born healthy and are growing so quickly! I have been doing my own research, but if anyone has any tips, advice, or experience with kits, let me know! They will be two weeks...
  19. Gaby Gomez

    Bunny Built a Nest Outside of Nesting Box

    Hello! About a month ago I was given a bunny from someone looking to re home her. A few days ago she started to pull her fur and after some research we figured she was pregnant. Last night I quickly drove to my local pet shot and the owner graciously gave me one of his nesting boxes. I placed it...
  20. A

    Baby kits what to expect?

    First off let me say this. I Will appreciate any help and pictures to help in comparison to my new kits! Our doe is still under a year and has had 7 kits this morning one was still born and the other 6 are in the nesting box. So here goes the questions..... 1. We know the kits came early they...
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