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  1. FlirtyBunzo

    2 Month old Rex Jumping out of 30 in xpen??

    So, I recently got a pen for my nearly 2 month old Rex baby (He does have slight flemish giant btw, And recently he learned he can jump out of it. out of curiosity, I took out anything he could use to make jumping out of the pen easier, and he still managed to jump out and land on the floor. id...
  2. H

    Help my bunny fell

    Everyday I let my bunny free roam in my basement to run around, but today she really scared me. She likes to jump up on a couch I have down there and it’s not high up maybe around 1 foot and half up. But today she jumped up on the higher part of the couch where someone’s back would go and she...
  3. Bunnymama99

    My rabbits foot is randomly bleeding??

    Hi guys, im a new member and a first time bunny mom so im definitely stressed whenever something seems to happen that’s concerning and today is one of those days. I let out my buns to free roam my room and i noticed there was drops off blood on the blankey my girl Dolce goes on and on there...