My rabbits foot is randomly bleeding??

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Oct 19, 2020
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Hi guys,

im a new member and a first time bunny mom so im definitely stressed whenever something seems to happen that’s concerning and today is one of those days. I let out my buns to free roam my room and i noticed there was drops off blood on the blankey my girl Dolce goes on and on there little bed too. As I was inspecting when I went to touch her foot I had some blood on my finger. I proceeded to check and lift her up to see that her back paw only one of them had blood but not excessive bleeding at all nor is she showing signs of being in pain from it she’s acting the same & hyper. A half hour passed and the blood seems to be gone from her fur, I tried to clean it with wet tissue but she won’t allow me too. She gets easily anxious and doesn’t like being held at all :( so the second try I noticed the bleeding was more in between two of her toes..I don’t know what to do or how to fix this properly for her :( I’m worried about infection or if it may be a ripped toenail I just don’t know how to further on check without hurting her, spooking her or if I need to wrap it. If there’s something I may need to buy like a ointment that’s okay for rabbit use? The bleeding seems to of stopped I think because there’s no more spots where she goes and I’m also asking is this something for me to be extremely worried about? And how to know if it catches a little infection? i don’t see anything on my floor that may of done it I also cleaned it a day or two ago. I’m assuming maybe when she jumped out of her cage. shes only around 4-5 months and I haven’t been able to cut her nails because she doesn’t allow me too at all. I did try giving them those hay pads to scratch on but they eat anything I buy them that’s edible & it’s hard getting a hold of the rabbit vet in my area as there seems to be just one so I’m sort of panicking right now. If someone can help that would be deeply appreciated thank you!
Most likely a toenail. Not usually a big deal, it happens quite often. If it's stopped bleeding, there's no rush to figure out where the bleeding came from. When she's had a chance to settle down, I would check all of the nails. If you find a broken one, I would just check it every day to make sure there's no redness or swelling of the toe that would indicate an infection. If it does get infected, have your bun seen by a knowledgeable rabbit vet.

If there are no broken nails, then inspect the feet to look for a sore. Most often it will be the heel. If it is then your bun has a case of severe sore hocks and needs to be seen by the vet and likely put on a rabbit safe antibiotic and meloxicam (nsaid), plus instructions for safely wrapping the foot.
If you aren't comfortable safely handling your bun to find the source of the bleeding, I would recommend your bun getting a check up with a good rabbit vet.
I'd just add that it's a good idea to regularly and gently touch and handle their feet when you have them on your knee for a cuddle.Even if you don't actually do anything,it gets them used to it and more importantly shows them that you are not going to be put off by their lack of cooperation.If you never do this,they will simply carry on resisting and in the end it will be to their disadvantage.Another solution would be to get a rabbit savvy friend,and perhaps someone more confident around feet,to hold them for you and you can then take a look at them,or you hold them and they can take a look.Either way,don't give up,it will be better for them if they get used to it,even if they're a bit skittish initially.

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