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  1. Sienna “Sie” Garza

    DIY Enclousure - Questions

    Hi all! I am trying to build a bigger enclosure for my bun, Pickles. Currently, she is *mostly* free-roaming in my bedroom. She goes into her pen at night and when we leave the house (for the simple reason that we have other animals and she's a little escape artist!!) I am trying to build a...
  2. Sarah Strachan

    Should I use a run or cage?

    I am getting a rabbit in the next few weeks and am unsure on which housing would be best. It will be an indoor rabbit with daily (weather dependent) outings to the garden. I'm thinking I want to buy a rabbit run (180cm long, 70cm wide) to house it. My thoughts are since there will be free rein...
  3. emmaskye

    New rabbit enclosure

    Hi all, so my sister and I just recently moved our bunny from a regular pet store cage to a much larger enclosure, about 12 square feet, using an X-pen... we threw a hidey inside, lots of toys, and of course hay, water, and food... I know that bunnies do not like change but I’m curious to know...
  4. H

    Rabbit flooring

    Hello I have a nearly 5 month old male rabbit, I recently increased the size of his indoor cage to a puppy pen which doesn’t have a floor, I have laminate flooring atm. I put some rodent flooring down and a mat but he just chews them both, he has also urinated on the rodent mat? he is a big...
  5. ac0731

    cat proof bunny area?

    I’m looking for a good solution to cat proof a bunny area. We have three cats but only one is super interested in the bunny. She tries to stick her paw in the cage so i have moved him onto my dresser for the time being. I would love to give him a bigger area to run around and be safe indoors (as...
  6. BunnyHunny17

    Help With Housing

    Hi! so I'm not sure if it's okay for me to post as I don't actually have a rabbit yet (my fiancé and I are getting one when we move into our new apartment in August or so for emotional support) So anyways, I'm doing my research on what it'll need and I'm trying to decide if a large hutch with a...
  7. JazzPizzazz

    Indoor or outdoor?

    Hi there! I have looked online and there is much debate over whether domestic rabbits belong indoor or outdoor. I personally think that it would be great to let my little Netherland Dwarf, Jazz, live inside (of course after I get her desexed). But, my parents, whom I live with disagree. Please...
  8. B

    My bunny wants to be outside

    New bunny owner. My son bought me Safari for Christmas from flea market. I love him so much but expenses at this time prevent me from going to Vet. I am guessing he is a baby. Netherland Dwarf. I Had to change work schedule to spend time with him at night. No problem. Self employed. I know...
  9. M

    Height Question for Indoor Custom Hutch

    Hello! New to the forum, I figured this would be a good place to ask about some dimensions for my indoor hutch. It's inspired by this design, but I'm working with all my own dimensions. I currently have one Dutch rabbit, Gus, and will be getting a second similarly-sized bun in the near future...
  10. D

    Bonded-Pair of House-Rabbits Seek Caring Home (Raleigh/Durham, N.C. area)

    Thelma & Louise are a sweet bonded-pair of 2-year-old female (Lionhead x Holland Lop) house rabbits. They are life-long besties who have lived with a loving couple since 8-weeks old, but now the couple's new human baby demands all their attention, so Thelma and Louise are seeking a new indoor...
  11. Kristian

    Mini Lop Cage Height - Pls Help.

    Hello everyone. I'm in the market for a Mini Lop and have just purchased a cage that is 118 x 64.5 x 47cm. The brand is NERO 4 DE LUXE DWARF RABBIT STARTER KIT. Our bun will be housed indoors and...
  12. olnem

    Indoor home layout

    Hi there. I have two rabbits that have been with us from 8weeks old. They are 3 this year. Originally I had them in the house in a hutch but I didn’t like it as it was big, bulky and a nuisance to clean. They went outside in summer last year as my mum looked after them while we went away on...