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Jul 15, 2019
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New Jersey
Hello! New to the forum, I figured this would be a good place to ask about some dimensions for my indoor hutch. It's inspired by this design, but I'm working with all my own dimensions. I currently have one Dutch rabbit, Gus, and will be getting a second similarly-sized bun in the near future. Similar to the photo, I will have two smaller levels. The second level will be rectangular, 2' X 11". The third level will be irregular in shape. 3' wide across the back, and then 15" deep on one side and 11" deep on the other.

My worry is the height from the ground. While Gus isn't a big jumper, he does occasionally take leaps of faith. My thought was to make each level just about 19" high. So the second level would be about 19" from the ground, and the third would be about 38" from the ground. Is that too high? I'm not against adding a little bit of a fence around each level if necessary, but I wanted to get some thoughts from other bunny parents!
Your rabbit could jump from 19" and I think he would be fine, but to make sure it is safe, you could provide something safe to land on just in case. You could put down some anti fatigue mats on the floor so he would not get hurt when he lands. Most rabbits are not stupid enough to jump from 38" but it could happen. Years ago I adopted out a rabbit. He loved to lay on the back of their sofa. One day he jumped off of the back of the sofa onto a hardwood floor and he destroyed his knee cap. The rescue paid about $800 for x-rays and surgery.

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