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  1. alfie21

    bonded bunnies (possibly) fighting?

    Hi! I am new to this forum. I had a sweet little bunny boy named Alfie but he passed away in 2021. About 2 weeks ago I got a pair of bonded bunnies: Lily (the mother, grey) and Moo (her son, white with grey spots). They are both around 2 years old but obviously Lily is slightly older. This...
  2. Cosmo the bunny

    fur abnormalities

    Hello fellow bunny folk, i have a question about fur abnormalities/abnormal growth. my bunny is an angora 1yr+ his fur does not seem to be growing back in those patches but is growing at a normal pace on the rest of his body. the last picture is what the rest of his fur looks like...
  3. Smokeyskenzie

    Bald spots when shedding?

    So a few months ago we found Dale in our backyard, we’ve overcome abscesses, respiratory infections and now I fear there is yet another issue stemming from his past possibly? He is shedding a ton right now and I’ve noticed that he has a lot of bald spots. He does not live with any other rabbits...
  4. C

    Rabbit fur genetics - do rex, satin and lionhead combine?

    Hey all! I have combed through the internet, and have found very little information on the properties of rabbits with multiple recessive fur quality traits. Results I found include posts on why mixing a satin rabbit with rex results in a normal fur for all of the offspring, and I well...
  5. Haru the Lionhead

    adult fur

    Hey guys, I just read somewhere about how would you know your rabbits fur color from their skin and they said that light rabbits skin would be white and dark rabbits skin would be dark or have dark patches. Haru has black/dark grey fur, but her skin is white and she looks alot lighter than when...
  6. A

    PLEASE HELP!!! Fleas or Mites???

    So, back in July, I noticed these little like, spots in my bunnies fur. It was like the odd gray spot attached to his fur. We did a treatment of Revolution, and then another three weeks later. We thought that whatever it was was gone, however just today I have noticed more of these little gray...
  7. S

    What colour is my mini lop

    I have two mini lop rabbits, Fifi and Pods. I would like to know what colours they are classified as and if they have a special coat or how to tell. They have bred before so I would like to know if I do sell babies so that they are classed and priced accordingly as I see some babies listed for...
  8. hazelnutbunny

    Rabbit plucking his fur?

    Hi! I have a 2 year old bunny named Merlot, already neutered. I had to go under a emergency surgery 2 weeks ago and have been recovering since, so I haven't been able to pay full attention to my bunny, even though he's been giving plenty attention to me, as he's veeeery caring and sweet...
  9. Lemony4

    Wet matted fur around one side of mouth

    Hi all, so I took one of my rabbits to the vet yesterday to get her teeth checked. The last couple days I've noticed that around one side of her mouth and chin she has perpetual wetness and it's causing her fur to mat. I brushed it out a few times and even cut a bit but it's still just very wet...
  10. MochiTheBunny

    Is this normal?

    Hello everyone! Today I was looking at my rabbit and I noticed he has a heart-shaped bunch of fur around his nose. Looking back at older pictures and videos, it didn't seem that noticeable. Is this normal? If so, can you explain why this happens? Also, Mochi is turning 4 months in 10 days. Not...
  11. emmaskye

    Bunny fur looking spiky

    I’ve noticed today that my bunny’s fur is looking slightly spiky on her neck and head.. wondering whether or not this is normal/what it is?
  12. emmaskye

    Bunny hair

    Is this fur normal? To me it’s looking a bit greasy and spiky... any ideas? A bit worried
  13. P

    Bunny has a dirty mouth

    Hello everyone, I’m new here but I’m not coming alone, I’m coming with my lovely toy bunny named Patchouli but here is the deal. I recently brought him to the vet and had to force feed him because of a GI stasis. Ever since I had to force feed him his chin and the sides of his mouth have gotten...
  14. BB03

    How do rabbits get fur mites??

    My rabbit has been getting shots from the vet to get rid of her fur mites, but I was just wondering how rabbits get them. She is an indoor rabbits so I have no idea how she got them.
  15. E

    Is this weird?

    Just a little over a month ago, my first rabbit moved onto another life. I don’t have any of her fur, even though she shed loads during shedding season. I wish I’d kept some. Now, I’ve got another bunny and he’s starting to shed and I’ve been collecting his fur. Is this weird? It feels slightly...
  16. lilsw

    How do I get pee off my bunny?

    Hey! This is my first post here, hope this is the right discussion :) So one of my bunnies, Luise, has been peeing on the other, Charlie, a lot. Like, all over her. She sometimes jumps over Charlie and leaves a trail of pee on her coat. It's disgusting and cleaning it up with a washcloth hasn't...
  17. caretaker of the annoyed

    Coarse Fur

    Hey, I have a netherland dwarf who has one or two small patches of coarse fur. He has unlimited timothy hay and some fresh veggies daily with pellets. His water is filtered tap water. Is it possible for his fur to have just dried out or is it dietary? I've been watching him closely for the past...
  18. Gelly

    Mini Rex Grooming?

    Curious how folks groom their rex rabbits. I've heard their skin or fur is sensitive so I'm really not sure what to use...
  19. I

    Sore hocks or normal?

    Hi, we have two rabbits. We noticed something odd under the fur of their feet. It looks like sore hocks but we are not sure. Anyone could shed a light if this is sore hocks or not? Veterinarys in the country we live are very poor so if we can figure out we can treat them ourselves or ask a...
  20. allyxoxo

    Baby Bunnies Fur

    My doe had babies and she cannot nurse them because that caused her to get ill, which means I have been syringe feeding them formula. I use KMR milk with heavy cream for them, but for two of the babies they make a mess and the milk/formula gets all over their fur. I try to rinse it off but they...