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  1. Dani13563

    HELP! What is this??? Insect on rabbit

    Very new bunny owner here! I noticed my bunny has some thin hair around the back of his ears, but then I thought that maybe they were small bald spots. Also, as I was taking a picture of the supposed bald spots, a little creature ran right across the spot!!! Luckily the photo was live, so I...
  2. Savannah Gerdes

    Rabbits fur thinning on back?

    Recently I've noticed one of my rabbits shedding a lot in a short line down her back. I was grooming her and saw a lot of dandruff and some scabbing (I'm wondering maybe from her biting at her back since she has thick fur?). I thought it was only her, but after looking at my other rabbits I...
  3. L

    Flaky Skin on Bunny’s Oustide Ears

    So a couple days ago I was petting my bunny when I noticed his ears were flaking… I freaked out because I dread for him to have mites. The first time he had it was because I took him outside in a grassy area and he caught them. But this time it’s different because it’s not around his body and he...
  4. Ghealy12

    Fur pulling

    I’ve noticed for the past week or so coco seems to be over grooming her dewlap area and has pulled out some fur. It doesn’t seem red or irritated but the fur is quite matted together where she’s been pulling. Is this something anyones seen before? She was spayed in March 2021 She seems...
  5. P

    Bunny pulling out matted fur

    Bunny pulling out fur Hi guys, My bunny is 3 years old and had a little case of a messy poop that got stuck to his fur. His poop has been normal since and I tried my best to get the poop that was stuck out (bum baths). His behaviour is completely normal, hopping around, eating and drinking...
  6. hazelnutbunny

    Rabbit plucking his fur?

    Hi! I have a 2 year old bunny named Merlot, already neutered. I had to go under a emergency surgery 2 weeks ago and have been recovering since, so I haven't been able to pay full attention to my bunny, even though he's been giving plenty attention to me, as he's veeeery caring and sweet...
  7. T

    Lice treatment

    Hi, my rabbit is two years old. Yesterday we noticed little black poops in his fur and today after washing him with regular rabbit shampoo I start to brush him and noticed lice (it’s live near rabbit tail). Because of coronavirus we can’t visit our vet and shops in my country don’t have much...
  8. caretaker of the annoyed

    Coarse Fur

    Hey, I have a netherland dwarf who has one or two small patches of coarse fur. He has unlimited timothy hay and some fresh veggies daily with pellets. His water is filtered tap water. Is it possible for his fur to have just dried out or is it dietary? I've been watching him closely for the past...