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Feb 2, 2019
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Today evening my 1 yr old rabbit whos going through some diarrhea since 3 days was doing normal until he panicked and ran very frantically upon seeing my sister who was coming to put him back in a cage. He usually becomes very cautious whenever he senses that we're gonna put him in a cage and runs the whole house to avoid getting caught. But this time it was like never before! He ran very fast that he probably hit his body parts to the objects in his way. He may or may not have hit his head or eye to the opened cage door. After this he ran even more terrified like never before. He wasnt even coming to eat his fav sweet treats like banana and apple and was hiding in a cramped space.

After that we picked him up and placed him on the bed and saw he is closing his right eye most of the time like he is squinting and just barely opening fully sometimes. His body also felt stiff and he looked weak and was panicking a bit upon loud sounds like vehicles and crunching polythene bags which he usually doesn't care about. He also yawned 2 times while sitting and that scared us a lot because we've seen baby rabbits letting their last breath out before dying in a similar fashion. Then we thought it was because of the diarrhea problem and gave him the tonic that the vet prescribed for the first time: 0.5 ml of Bactrim syrup (Sulphamethoxazole 200 MG+Trimethoprim 40 MG). After 10 or so minutes he became normal and was being his usual self by coming after his favorite treats and was also eating grass except that he seemed a bit weak and dull and we observed that his RIGHT EYE and EYELID are a bit SWOLLEN.

Now, 5 hours after the incident, his right eye seems a bit more swollen (Not that big compared to his left eye but theres some clear difference), And also a bit reddish eye lips (The eye lid lining). He's rarely opening his eye now but seems normal except for that. Im thinking of observing him more in case theres more swelling or the eye part getting reddened, etc. then go for the vet tomorrow.

What do you guys think? How severe is this situation? Is it the diarrhea that caused him to act that way? Will his eye recover on its own if the problem doesnt worsen than it is right now tomorrow? Or should I go to the vet tomorrow morning? Right now its night and no vet is open.

Note: About his diarrhea, most of his feces look normal and beady but very few times excretes watery brown poop like in the pic I attached in my previous post from 2 days ago. Doc said she spotted some Giardia in his stool test.
Forgot to add, his right eye is also a bit wet and watery too
The diarrhea is something to always see a vet about if it should have been resolved through treatment and hasn't been yet. I would recommend your instinct of going to the vet, because eye-related symptoms can come from a number of sources, and the only one that can be remedied "at home" is if there was something in it (like a piece of hay), but the rabbit typically blinks it out. Since the eye has gotten more swollen, that sounds more like an injury which a vet needs to access in order to determine where the injury may be and what is the best course of action to take.

A user on these forums recently posted about their rabbit's eye being swollen after pulling their head out between cage bars, and the ultimate decision was putting the rabbit down peacefully at the vet because the operation to amend the eye was too expensive. It is clear that eye-related injuries can be serious, so it's best to have a vet assess. For any medical problem, the sooner, the better. If anything, your vet should at least get updated on the diarrhea through a formal vet visit it seems.
Today my bunny got a piece of hay trapped underneath her eyelid, she wouldn’t have been able to get it out herself. Try cleaning her eye with a damp/warm washcloth and someone else to help hold him in place. If you can spot a piece of hay or anything poking out, that might be the source of irritation, as that wasn’t my problem. If the eye is clean of hay or debris, then you have a different problem on your hands and I recommend seeing the vet as there’s many different health complications that can effect a rabbits eye(s). However since only 1 eye seems to be irritated, my bet is that something got in his eye and he might need help getting it out

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