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  1. L

    Please advice for bunny with eye abscess, ongoing conjunctivitis, cloudiness and strange things

    Hello, TLDR; Bunnyhas has abscess from cat scratch, conjuncfivits, swelling, enlarged, lack of response to light. on terramyacin for ongoing conjunctivitis. Suspected e coniculi only treated for 10-14 days not the 28. Please give me the dosage for the horse paste febENazole for a bunny weighing...
  2. Lola56

    4 day old kit bulging eye

    Anyone have this issue before? I have a 4 day old kit, when I checked the nest the day of birth there was a scratch close to the eye and I was advised that it would heal on its own and it has, but now one eye is visibly swollen and I’m concerned. Anything I can do? Thank you
  3. M

    Rabbit's Eye Issue

    My rabbit's eye has turned white. i have taken him to the vet and he has been prescribed eye drops, painkillers and some antibiotic. I want some more opinions if someone's bunny has experienced this before and whether it got treated with the medication.
  4. S

    watery, gunked-up eyes: need advice

    Hello all, this is my first post on this site. My rabbit, Smokey Bun Bun, has had something going on with his eyes for months now, maybe even a year. His eyes often look watery and maybe a bit red, but the worst is this discharge gunks up the fur around his eyes. This causes the fur to get all...
  5. B

    Weird white wart sticking out of bunny’s eye

    Hi this is my bunny he’s 1 years old he has this weird little wart like thing below his iris it started in the corner of his eye so I just assumed it was crust then it moved to the bottom of his iris and now it’s stuck there. I tried to go online to see if there is anyone with a similar...
  6. D46B5385-A765-4CB1-8F7B-B006EC154875.jpeg


    This is my bunny coco he has recently gotten an eye infection from what i’ve seen 3 days ago I have no idea how to fix it I put eye drops and no progress I don’t know how long it’s gonna take but i hope that he’s not blind but i can’t even see his pupil or anything. I really need help fixing this.
  7. Breebrebun

    Please help. My bunny died so suddenly ))):

    Hey guys, I joined this group because I had just lost my bunny ): she passed away Saturday night suddenly Friday night I noticed she wasn’t being her excited self and was sort of leaning her head to the left I noticed her eye was shut…so I sat there with her for a while ,gave her some pets...
  8. elentari

    venting about an incompetent vet

    So, since Mab is betting older, she's started to have some issues pop up so naturally I called the vet to get her looked at and checked out. I called because her eye started to have some milky discharge and she's been leaving her dewlap sitting in her water bowl. He told me nothing was wrong...
  9. KaylesB

    Is this E Cuniculi?

    Hello! I am new to the forum, but I am really hoping someone can give me some insight. Just to start off, no, I do not have access to a rabbit savvy vet. I am a Holland Lop breeder. I typically treat my rabbits myself naturally and with farm/livestock medication used for rabbits. I have had no...
  10. Shedua

    Rim around rabbit's eye is red?

    I was petting my rabbit Mac this morning before letting him out of his cage for the day, and I noticed one of his eyes has a slight red tint around it that his other eye does not have. The corner of his eye is very red and it looks a tiny bit swollen. When I gently ran my finger over it he...
  11. S

    Rabbit eye looks infected

    My Netherland dwarf has had a yucky eye for a couple of days now. I washed it out yesterday with salty water but it has returned today. I washed it out at about 9;30 this morning only to see at 1;00 that it has returned pretty bad. His eye looks squinty and im not sure what to do. my initial...
  12. A

    Eye infection

    It’s been four days since Blondie has been put on antibiotic eye drop for her eye infection by her vet. I don’t see much of an improvement except that her eyelid isn’t swollen and her discharge has stopped. This is what her eye looks like and I don’t know what else to do. I had just put in the...