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  1. chantaldubois900

    Inner Ear Infection

    Any experience with inner ear infections in bunnies? We have been treating Panda for one for almost month now and she is still not back to normal. She is on Enrofloxacin, Tramadol, Meclizine, Periactin and Cisapride. She has episodes where she runs around the house frantically like she's scared...
  2. mollyisthecoolest

    One of my rabbits ears have flopped

    My rabbit glen is around 8 months old and has had standing ears all his life, sometimes one of his ears flops when he is relaxed but it usually goes back to normal quickly. His left ear has flopped down and has stayed like that for a few days. I’m pretty sure this is normal as all of his 11...
  3. R

    Ear Issue

    Hello. I have a standard rex with what looks like a small scratch in her ear, next to what looks like a tattoo, that is irritating and itches. It's only in one ear. At first I thought the tattoo looking mark was a pigment anomaly, but IDK. I didn't notice it when I got her (little over a week)...
  4. M

    Senior rabbit with suspected neuro issues/ ear infection

    Our 7 year old bunny has basically stopped eating hay around late august. Our bunny-savvy vet filed his teeth early September and also neutered him - his back teeth were starting to develop spurs /sharp edges. After he woke up from GA, he seemed to slowly lost his ability to pick up food on his...
  5. Rambobunny

    Help with ear scab/scratching

    I’ve had Rambo now for about a month now who we keep as a free roaming indoor bunny. I noticed he was scratching a lot and recently shaking his head. I took him to the vets two days ago and they checked his ears and took a skin sample but couldn’t find any mites and said his ears looked healthy...
  6. C

    My rabbit's right ear has been droopy (on and off) for like 5 days. Is that normal?

    I own a Cinnamon who I rescued from my backyard and for the most of the past few days, its right ear is drooping. Cause for concern? P.S : WE took it to a shitty government vet hospital like 2 days ago and the vet held my rabbit by the ears while checking it (the vet wasnt very useful and told...
  7. M

    Rabbit ear (aural) haematoma

    Hi I’m new to this forum and I kinda wanted to hear if anyone has had this experience because I can’t find any info anywhere! My bun django developed a lump just outside the opening of his ear a couple weeks back, took him to the vet and they stuck a scalpel in it to find out what was inside...
  8. U


    I tattooed my rabbits 2 weeks ago and will be going to a show in 2 weeks from now! When will the ink start to scab off? Will the be ready for the show? And can I wash the ear with alcohol to got the ink off or is it to early? Thanks
  9. jamsbuns


    What is this?
  10. B

    ear trouble

    Hello all, Hoping someone can help me with this. Rabbit is about 2-3 months old. It has been eating/drinking fine appears to be active and 'normal' for a rabbit of it's age. However, it has these 2 growths in the inner ear. The growth have appeared quite suddenly, they are not an injury, not...