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  1. M

    Red ears

    Hi there I recently asked about ear mites on another thread and long story short I have been using baby oil on my rabbit to try and kill the mites it doesn’t seem to be working so I’ve called my vet and booked a appointment , the baby oil got on her skin and has seemed to irritate it as this...
  2. A

    Ear mite concerns

    I took my rabbit to the vet yesterday with the suspicion that he probably had ear mites, turns out he does (they even let me see the sample they took from his ear under the microscope, cool but gross). The doctor put some kind of medicine in his ear saying it would kill the mites, and prescribed...
  3. L

    Flaky Skin on Bunny’s Oustide Ears

    So a couple days ago I was petting my bunny when I noticed his ears were flaking… I freaked out because I dread for him to have mites. The first time he had it was because I took him outside in a grassy area and he caught them. But this time it’s different because it’s not around his body and he...
  4. M

    possible ear infection/mites?

    it is not very clear in the picture but her ears are flaky with fur falling off. It wasn't noticeably like this yesterday and pretty sudden, unless I just missed it. At first I thought it was just shedding since the rest of her fur is also shedding but flaking doesn't seem normal and every time...
  5. LetaRayn

    Ear scratching?

    Hello there Is there is a reason why dose my rabbit scratches his ears irritationly and hard after I touch his ears a little through petting him? I started to avoiding touching his ears to avoid this, even if a hair touches his ears he will start scratching hard. He wouldn't do this if someone...
  6. BunnyLandia

    Help 3 rabbits with Really bad ear and fur mites

    Hey guys, so my 3 rabbits have ear and fur mites with have of them having severe ear mites with crust already sticking out of its ear. I just bought the horse wormer called Equimax with 1.87% ivermectin/ praziquantel 14.03%. Is it okay if I give a pea sized to my rabbits?? And if so, what are...
  7. BunnyLandia

    Fur and ear mites

    I’ve been having this problem for a few months now. I have a nursing Flemish giant rabbit that has ear mites on both of her ears (they look really bad/bloody and crusty) and has fur mites around her tail in which I noticed she got when she gave birth (which was 3 weeks ago). I also have a male...
  8. Miffythebun

    Ear mites???? HELP!

    Hi guys, So I just noticed my bunny Wookiee seems to be missing lots of fur around his ears and his neck (check photos) I’ve never really noticed this before but he does haves long lion head mane! I’ve then put together that over the past few months he has been moulting ALOT, like fur...
  9. jamsbuns


    What is this?
  10. Laur94x

    Worried about my 8 month old rabbits ear

    We have Poppy since she was 16 weeks and her health was generally fine. She eats well,poops and pees as normal and is very playful and gentle. The past two or three days I noticed she has a small bit of hair missing on her ear. When I moved the hair there was scratch like marks. She grooms her...
  11. Ani

    Ear mites.

    Hello so I was wondering what is the best way to treat ear mites? I've heard of revolution but alas I cant get that without a prescription. If anyone knows where I could buy it without a prescription that would be great or any other remedies that are effective and safe to treat ear mites in bunnies.

    Fur mites? I’m really worried

    My bunny has been itching his skin and ears (mostly ears & shaking head) for a few weeks but the vet said it was nothing cause he didn’t have brown crust or any other visible sign. In the past few days I’ve been seeing some suspicious dandruff looking flakes on his fur (sometimes on forehead or...