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  1. Stellalop

    Bonding - advice

    I've had a female bunny for a year. I just got a new male bunny a month ago. I've been slowly bonding them in a neutral space and everything seems to have gone really well. Their pens were side by side in the main room and then I took them through to another room to bond. Stella was a little...
  2. S

    3rd bunny bonding

    Hello, i recently just got a gorgeous lil bunny called maple. She is so sweet & chilled & loves cuddles which we love. i have 2 other rabbits who are bonded and are about 1.5 and have been together for almost that amount of time. the first night we put maple in a play pen in my other bunnies...
  3. A

    Love at first sight?

    I have a neutered male and spayed female who have “shared” my room in separate cages next to each other since late December therefore they are very awake of each others presence. I introduced them on Tuesday and in the beginning there was a bit of chasing and nipping but it only happened once or...
  4. T

    Newly bonded rabbits excessively humping

    Hi, mid august I adopted a beautiful new lion Holland cross to bond with my Holland lop. she had only just been fixed so I had to wait until 24th August before starting the bonding process but started the scent swapping etc during that time. Fast forward to last Saturday (11th September)...
  5. A

    Bonding 4 Bunnies

    Hi! Not that long ago, I posted about a mini lop male that needed a home near me, that needed a home. I have three mini lops that are bonded. People had mixed opinions about it, but I felt bad for him, so I decided to take him on. He was desexed on Thursday, the day I bought him home. He is...
  6. D

    Bonding Struggles :(

    My mother and I have been struggling to find the right way to bond our two female bunnies. One is nearly a year old (Bella, grey lop) and the other is going to be a year in November (Phoebe, lionhead). Both are neutered Phoebe is definitely the submissive of the two. Bella has never once groomed...
  7. Magpie689

    Bonding difficult rabbits

    Hello again, So things aren't working out with Primrose. She's yet to be spayed, but Peanut and Steve both have taken turns pulling her fur when she's out for exercise. Then this morning, Boo (my most submissive rabbit) actually grabbed Primrose through the bars and the two of them were rolling...
  8. O


    Hi! I currently have one rabbit [oakley] he has just turned 4 months today and on Wednesday im getting a female rabbit. Currently he isn't neutered and is getting his second vaccination and she is not spayed either. They will be kept separate until they are both done however, would I be able to...
  9. b.potter

    Bonding rabbits different enclosures but same room?

    Hi guys I’m new here so go easy on me! First time bunny owner did a lot of research for care and responsible bunny ownership. I have my cute Netherland Dwarf (Oates) and today I’m getting him a friend a Holland lop. Obviously I can’t put them together because the both haven’t been...
  10. C97A1A9D-DBA5-4996-940B-3A5FF555A3C1.jpeg


    hey guys i need some help with a bonding process. i have two males (both neutered and all healed) and i had them meet in neutral area today. it went great and they were grooming eachother and cuddling. i moved them to their intended living space and as soon as i did, they circled and fought. :(
  11. K

    Help bonding please !

    Hi I’m Kc I recently bought my first pair of unbonded buns I have a small short hair bun and a medium lion head, they are different sizes and I am looking for help in the bonding process I have a start cage and a medium sized dog pen. I leave the cage door open and the pen is blocking off my...
  12. tokkibada

    Prebonding an neutered male and uneutered male?

    I'm in a bit of a weird situation where my current bun (cal) is schedule to get fixed next month. I recently stumbled upon another rabbit that is in need of rescuing (owner neglect and overall not interested and wants to give him away as fast as possible). I'm planning to pick up the rescue...
  13. alexis philippot

    bonding bunnies... thumping at each other's smell?

    Hi there! i recently brought a second bunny home (neutered male) to bond with my spayed female, the resident bunny. I have been trying to go as slow as possible to ensure a successful bond. The new bunny is being housed in our spare bedroom, and the resident female is free roam in almost our...
  14. magicicada

    Bonding tips?

    Hello! I’m a new user and adopted my rabbits recently! My first bunny is Fargo, she’s under a year, spayed, dwarf lion head mix. I adopted her in October from a co-worker’s sister and she and I have really hit it off. About a month ago, I adopted an unaltered male (Californian I think? He was...
  15. Breemarie77

    Bunny bonding behavior change

    Hello! I recently adopted a 3yo fixed female and I have a 1yo unfixed male. He’s getting fixed but it’s not until January. I have their cages in the same room, and I’m actually thinking about separating them now as he has started spraying and not eating as much because he can’t stop thinking...
  16. Breemarie77

    Unaltered male living near altered female

    Hello! Recently I took on a recuse 3yo female fixed dwarf. I already have a 1yo male dwarf who is not fixed. I’m getting him fixed because of the new addition but none of the vets I’m comfortable with are able to see him until January. I have their cages downstairs in the living area where I...
  17. emmaskye


    Hello everyone! I was planning on getting another bunny, however it’s still a maybe. I currently have a male Holland lop who is neutered, if I was planning on getting a female, who I know will have to stay in a separate x-pen until they are bonded, would I have to spay her before eventually...
  18. EclipseTheLionhead

    Bonding With Your Bunny For The First Time: Tips and Tricks

    Hi there! So my little bunny got home for the first time Saturday. I've been leaving her alone in her cage, just making sure she has fresh food, water and hay everyday just until her 48 hour adjustment period is up. She has really came out of her shell already and is running around, living life...
  19. A


    Hi guys!! So at the moment I am trying to bond my three mini-lops; a male 1y 1m and two girls 7m. All are neutered. They are all outside rabbits. Our male we got first, we got him desexed at 6m and then bought a huge shed and run as we intended to adopt a girl bunny that was at our local rspca...
  20. Y

    Need advice

    Hi my name is Yessi i’m a mommy to Grumdrop(1yr) and Ophelia(2 1/2mo) I’ve had ophelia for about 3 weeks & gumdrop didn’t seem to mind or acknowledge her around, until today when I noticed her grooming Ophelia thru the cage which she did 3 separate times. I did a speedy date the day before but...