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  1. B

    Bunny injured on Nose

    My bunny got hurt on its nose about 30 mins ago. My sister was carrying it to the park and he tried to jump out. She carries him every day and today was the first time he jumped out. He bled a little bit. I am very concerned and scared right now. He isn't bleeding any more. He fell asleep and...
  2. H

    Cut on nose

    Was putting the bunny back in her hutch today from the garden and she leapt out of my arms. She seemed fine and carried on playing but when I put her back in the hutch I noticed she was bleeding a tiny bit around the nose. I stroked her and she didn’t seem shocked or bothered and then came back...
  3. Rosy

    newborn baby bleeding? stuck! help pls!

    one of my newborn babies (about 17 hours old) has a sticky dark colored thing (blood?) on his bottom causing him to become stuck! he got fur and hay attached to him and now he is stuck to the blanket that i put into the nestbox! he is also a bit cold and i need to warm him up. how can i detach...
  4. Gatsby & Co

    Brown liquid on bunnies' litter pan

    I'm cleaning my bunnies' litter pan and I notice some red/brown liquid. Doesn't 100% appear to be blood. Image following...
  5. Tinto

    Blood on the floor

    I got scared again. This morning I found one drop of blood on the floor. I know there are several threads in the past and I checked them out. Still I am not sure what might be going on. Did the bun hurt himself, for example his nail. It's almost impossible to check his feet since he won't stay...
  6. D


    I really need help. Im sick of my rabbit being uncomfortable but, every single time i trim his nails, or get them trimmed he RIPS them out.. He's more uncomfortable when i trim his nails than when i leave his nails.. But they NEED to be done eventually.. Every time, no fail, he rips them out...
  7. S

    Emergency. Rabbit peed a few drops of blood along with a flesh like thing

    My 8 - 9 months old female rabbit excreted a flesh like thing along with a few drops of blood. The flesh like thing is surrounded by semi solid blood like thing. The male rabbit has been in the heat and been doing her since last 2 days before this happened. He did it previously too like a month...
  8. Elliott

    Blood in my rabbit’s habitat??

    Hi! I was petting my little bunny Zelda through her cage earlier when I noticed there was small splotches of dried blood on the floor. I got very worried but I thought maybe she just scratched herself on one of her toys, but I couldn’t see blood anywhere on her feet or her body in general. I...
  9. K

    Blood in Urine

    Hello, We have a 4 year old female mini rex. For the past week if we have noticed actual blood drops in her urine. She is in good spirits, is still eating and drinking her water. We don’t know what it could be? The vet prescribed antibiotics for a urine infection, however over the last week her...
  10. J

    PLEASE HELP! Urgent. Pregnant doe

    hi everyone. I’m very stressed out. I woke up to finding a large amount of blood in my pregnant doe’s cage two days ago, so I thought that the kits were arriving that day. She has not given birth yet & she has stopped eating. What does this mean??? I brought her to the emergency vet today and...