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    rest well, sweet solara

    it's been a while since i've updated or posted. in late feb, solara started to go downhill. i suddenly got shocked by her acting like she couldn't use her back legs, and i was convinced it was her time since it was very similar to how silas went. i was a complete MESS!! we took her to the vet...
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    Do you have a pet rabbit?

    yes, i do! my two boys have passed away, but i still have my beautiful girl, solara! she is 7.5 years old now, and still as spry and active as ever! i wanna get her a little dutch boyfriend very badly! she was my first rabbit and i have had her since jan 2010!
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    Reckless Rabbits

    thank you both so much! i'm very grateful for the positive responses! (i was very unsure what kind of responses i would receive to be honest.) it's definitely not for everyone- keeping the skin of their pets and whatnot.. i honestly wasn't sure about it at first myself, but it's definitely...
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    Reckless Rabbits

    my bf is working on silas now. he's all tanned, but being dried. his pelt is as big as a fox!! LMAO he's still got that 'everyone loves him' vibe because even my bf's mom, who is weirded out by taxidermy stuff, pet him and said he was soft- that's unusual for her. i will be getting silas back...
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    Reckless Rabbits

    Got Sabriel back over the weekend! Pelt pictures below! - - - it's so nice to have my boy back. i didnt cry when my s/o gave me his pelt. i was just so happy. he's in my lap right now.. my s/o got really attached to him- they only met him twice before he passed and working on his pelt was a...
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    Reckless Rabbits

    hey everyone! a quick update... solara is doing well! she had a bout of gas RIGHT before my significant other and i went up north but i pulled her through it again. i'm not sure what is setting her off but she handles my treatments well. i really think she's plain lonely but my mom is still...
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    Rest well Silas, my handsome boy..

    thank you very much. yeah the last decision is incredibly painful but making sure he is not in pain anymore was much more important to me. the memories truly are helpful <3 thank you so much! of course <3 i am doing my best to hang in there! having a really tough time personally...
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    What breed of rabbit is your favorite?

    dutchs are my favorite. they're super friendly and charismatic buns, especially the boys
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    I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my rabbit! Show me your bunnies too!

    ahhh! what a cutie! i love harlequin colored buns!! <3 this is my rabbit, solara, she's my last bun left.. i think she's a mini-rex mix! here's her with sabriel, who passed away sept 25, 2014 because of gi stasis. he was a dutch. and here's her with silas, who had to be put to sleep...
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    Rest well Silas, my handsome boy..

    Thank you everyone, so much!! I'm always happy to come back to RO even when I go through a deep and painful loss such as this because you are all so kind. @Beverly, thank you! @Nancy, it's very hard to not be selfish :-( But it's good our buns had people like us who know when to let go... A...
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    Rest well Silas, my handsome boy..

    Silas took a downturn towards the worst, one day he's walking, the next he can't walk. And it just went downhill from there. I believe he probably had an underlying cancer, organ failure (thinking kidney), bone issues... all of the above probably. He had come to me at the age of two (or more)...
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    Reckless Rabbits

    Haven't updated in a while. Silas took a downturn towards the worst, one day he's walking, the next he can't walk. And it just went downhill from there. I don't know if he had an underlying cancer, organ failure (thinking kidney), bone issues... all of the above probably. I don't know where he...
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    Elderly Rabbit Advice?/Eye Infection?/Vets in Michigan? Help Needed ASAP

    okay so here's the run down: silas was 2 years old according to the humane society when i adopted him. which means he will be 7 years old this year (in june). he's a flemish/chinchilla mix i think- so large- 10-12lb i believe. he also has a bondmate, a female who is about half his size and...
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    Reckless Rabbits

    @whiskylollipop; thank you!! solara and silas are completely bonded now, but i do still have them sleep separately at night because i want to make sure i can tell when solara has gas issues and that they each get as much food as they need (i feed them their veggies at night) but they spend all...
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    The magics of the internet!

    Back in very early 2011, Nochoramet and I started talking because I commented on a thread she made here on RO... well she has flown from Alabama to Michigan twice and driven once to come visit me!! The first visit was a flight back in January 2012 and the second being a drive with her greyhound...