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    Can this grass be fed to rabbits?

    I can't find the usual grass that i feed to my 2 yrs old 2 rabbits. Usually i get the little variety of the grass from nearby parks. But now they mowed down all the grass and recent couple weeks have been very sunny so the grass isn't growing either. And my rabbits don't touch hay at all, be it...
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    Mother rabbit gave birth to only 1 baby but not the rest

    Update : 3 hours after the first baby came out, We let her loose to make her feel comfortable because she always wants to be free and out of the cage. She roamed around in a little area for 5 minutes and let out quite a bit of blood or blood like liquid in that area here and there. Then in a...
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    Mother rabbit gave birth to only 1 baby but not the rest

    The mother rabbit gave birth to only 1 baby and didn't give birth to the rest. It's been 4 hours since first baby came out. Right now she's behaving mostly normally by sleeping and getting up a bit more than usual. She's still eating grass like usual. She didn't have nest ready because her labor...
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    White solid thing sticking out of butt of a baby rabbit.

    1 of the 5 babies has this white dried out thing sticking out of his butt since 4 days. It was a bit soft and white at first but now it looks dried and yellowish. It also increased in size like its coming outside even more. The baby is 13 days old. His behaviour mostly seems normal although he...
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    Help! Rabbit's one eye is swollen!

    Forgot to add, his right eye is also a bit wet and watery too
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    Help! Rabbit's one eye is swollen!

    Today evening my 1 yr old rabbit whos going through some diarrhea since 3 days was doing normal until he panicked and ran very frantically upon seeing my sister who was coming to put him back in a cage. He usually becomes very cautious whenever he senses that we're gonna put him in a cage and...
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    Septran use in rabbit for diarrhea. Safe?

    This a follow up for my post yesterday. The doctor prescribed Septran for the diarrhea problem saying she spotted Giardia. Ive heard very bad things about Septran side effects in humans.So Im wondering if I should go with her prescription. Has anyone heard about this treatment?
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    Rabbit Diarrhea?

    Thanks, guys. An UPDATE: We took him to a vet but the doctor there was kinda sketchy and weird. She tested his stool (which was normal and beady at the time) but didnt prescribe any medications until the next 24 hours cause she said she would call me about medicines the next day but even after...
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    Rabbit Diarrhea?

    One of my 1 yr old rabbit has been excreting like this since yesterday (a little). We spotted the watery stools once on the floor today afternoon but wasnt sure what it was. Now in the evening we spotted these (pics attached, the other normal stools in pics 4 and 5 may or may not have been mixed...
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    Emegency!! My rabbits ate a bit of Castor leaf

    Guys, please help. My 2 rabbits of 1yr age ate a bit of castor leaf (about 2 leaf-divisions/ leaflets). Leaf is yellow in colour. My sister picked up the unique looking leaf not knowing it was a castor leaf and brought in the house but the rabbits reached for it when we were not looking. Then my...
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    Baby Rabbits are dying one by one everyday!

    I dont think they bother with spraying pesticides just for the grass and I think they dont even water the grass from the patch I picked from. It just grows on its own I think. Been feeding this grass from the park to adults after 4-5 days after the mother gave birth. The adults dont seem to be...