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    What Cage to Get??

    I like your setup BLUE EYES :)
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    Need help with sourcing bunny pen materials!

    We hook ourselves with connecting dog playpens here. But rabbits can be clever things at times - putting their nose below them to flip them over. We had to use book weights and cable ties for prevention. I hope my two cents worth advice help..:P
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    Singapore Rabbit Savvy Vets

    There are many veterinarians here who do neutering but I find most of them know not much of treating them. I normally would go to two places as they charges reasonable rates. Namly Animal Clinic Dr Ling Khoon Hsing Good analysis skills but getting a booking in an emergency need some arm...
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    oat grass/cat grass

    Yes, they do love them. But I do have fussy eaters who only stick their neck for APD Those take a little more time to get use to them.
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    I would be careful spending too much time out in the gardens. I have friends who brought home some ear mites from their garden run. Those nasty things can be tough to get rid off.
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    Having trouble medicating

    Sounded like she is doing well on her own now..:)
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    Bunny bit me!!

    she probably not happy with the smoke from the
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    Daisy's eating her litter box!

    I have seen some plastic litter boxes with small and long steel sheets folded and clamped at the sides to protect them. Do be careful on the edges though.
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    Fertilized Grass

    It is difficult to be pretty sure they are dissolved completed in most cases. Do people in Agriculture Department know this kind of stuffs? Sorry I am a city person who is living in a country without an Agriculture Department...:(
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    Picking up problems

    Great to hear good news!.. Keep them coming
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    Is my bunny is shedding?

    I would be careful with the bottles as some rabbits fur do clump in contact with water. Water with urine always bring about urine burns and staining. They may at times bring about fungus or liver problems in prolong cases.
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    Should I split them up :(

    I believed some humping is normal in bonded pairs too. I have not seen much rabbits that hoards their food. But if it is aggressive, i believe you may be having some vet visits due to those fights. But you are not! Do share with us of your feeding habits for your rabbits. Are the poop of...
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    Fertilized Grass

    Cleaning the grass may be a bit of concern. I had a Indian friend who did that. She soak them in antiseptic solution before feeding them to her rabbit. It seems fine to her. But I was shocked by it. I believe there may be residue nitride outside the grass. Nitride content inside the grass may...
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    Is this normal???

    Do note that if your rabbit have started on a bowl it is difficult to change it back to the bottle. Both have its own weakness and strength. Bowl + Drink More - Easy to get dirty - Water splashing/toppling of bowl - Unaware how much is consumed Bottle + Contained + Able to monitor water...
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    Wet sheen on poop balls?

    It is normal to have some shiny coating around the fresh poop but not too much. It would be a great help if you could take a picture and post it here