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    Goodbye to our Miss Molly

    Agreed. Vanessa
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    Goodbye to our Miss Molly

    I can't believe it. And it's going on a year since Lady passed. I'm there with you Nancy... Vanessa
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    Sweet dreams, Rosey.

    I'm still sorry to hear about Rosie... I loved hearing about him. I'm still hurting over Lady being gone also... Vanessa
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    Vote for Pancake, he needs dental work etc...

    Been there and voted and so did a friend of mine. Vanessa
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    Magnificent Mini Lops

    What cuties!!! Vanessa
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    Dragging hind quarters. Thought she was paralyzed.

    I would get her to the vets could be some type of nerve damage from the surgery, you never know. I would not wait on this... Vanessa
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    Our & always..

    You want another Bailey? My better half rescued a lion head just like him yesterday from the Amish market. No water, food out in the sun. I ran him to the vets, got him fluid and put him on Coccidia meds just in case. He is Bailey's twin. Vanessa
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    Our & always..

    It's so good to see you all around. Tried to call... Lady as you know passed in March... so it's good to see all your clan is still around and hanging in there! Keep us posted. Vanessa
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    What color is our Holland lop bunny?

    Your bun looks like my holland lop that recently passed minus the blue eyes. It looks like Broken Holland Lop with Tortoise and Brown coloring. No matter what color, it's a real cutie! Vanessa
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    Rabbit Identification Key - Comments, Questions and Corrections

    I agree with you on the preaching which is why I hardly ever post any more. I also feed my buns veggies with their hay and pellets and have been told from my vet I'm doing fine, so I will keep going what my vet says is ok. Hang in there Vanessa
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    Help!! Urgent -RIP

    Yes, I remember that with Lady also. I was holding her and had pictures taken of me holding her until she passed. I try to remember her being a happy Lop and running around my legs in circle 8's to get craisons and other happy moments. :) I'm sure you are glad you have these photos like I am...
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    Help!! Urgent -RIP

    I just had Lady die in my arms this March 26th. I know how you feel and I share your pain with you.. I am still upset and not a day goes by that I don't think of my girl. I have to agree with BunBunz at least our babies died in our arms. KNowing that we were holding them for their last breath...
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    Lela passed last night

    I'm so sorry.... hang in there. I understand how you feel... Vanessa
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    How do I care for a disabled bunny?

    I'm so sorry to hear about Bobby. I was hoping for you guys to have some more days together. You and Bobby are in my thoughts. You were a great bunny mom to both of them and never think any different. Vanessa
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    Good bye Lady RIP March 26 2015

    I agree Nancy even reading about Rosebun made me cry a river... and I totally agree with what you wrote as I start crying again.. Vanessa