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    Rabbit made weird hard gel substance

    You know that stuff sorta looks like the gel from thoes asorbant puppy piddle pads.
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    Help! Unspayed females not getting along

    If their grooming each other between fights its likely they'll they still like each other and the struggle for dominance is mutual. If you have 2 truly dominant females the fighting won't end until blood is drawn. The loser will sulk, but slowly things should get back to normal.
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    Abnormal Behavior

    I'd start by administering semithocone baby gas drops. Then give her 90mins to let it take effect and see if she's willing to drink or eat her favorite foods. A gentle tummy massage if she allows you, will help her pass gas if she has it.
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    What colours can I expect from a blue spilt and an orange/fawn mini lop?

    Without pedigree always hard to guess. Their both blacks. But the dominant gene i see the agouti. So more bunnies will be of the agouti variety.
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    Rabbit castration

    As long as she can see him daily through cage bars, she will remember him.
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    How to pick up my skiddish rabbit when it's necessary?

    I'm just going to try and focus on the subject at hand. This is a low to zero association approach. Wash from your hand to your elbows with some sort of scented lotion. Stay silent the whole duration. Lure him out with a treat then cover with a towel and burrito him. Goal is to not let him...
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    Help my rabbit ate my pants.

    Yeah doesn't look like he ate to much of it, mostly the fibers were stretch and folded to the side. Looks like he enjoyed destroying it.
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    I need suggestions on how to bond my two male Rabbits

    In the wild bucks do not tolerate the presence of other bucks. They chase them away from their section of the warrens. It is in their nature to be intolerant to other bucks, this is millions of years of behavior coded into them. However rabbits are smart and can learn to toletate each other...
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    Dating when you have rabbits

    There are 3 types of men. Thoes who dont like animals at all, especially in the house. Thoes who love animals. Thoes who think dogs are the only real pets. Date the 2nd option. Animal lovers are known to be warmer and more compassionate people.
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    Help!! My rabbit has a rash and it isn’t going away

    The way the fur is clumping and wiggly is telling me excessive moisture --> which then becomes fungal dermatitis. I'd have your vet check for a spur on his molars.
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    Bunny Nicknames

    Clementine. I call her big bunny. My mother calls her "Monster" Cute pic of her and her babies chonky lil legs.
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    I know it's healthy and good for her, but why does my rabbit eat 4x her size in hay?

    Young rabbits will easily comsume 2-3 times their size a day in hay. Its a growing thing.
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    Because Real Men Love Rabbits...

    Little Roomba got sick here is my big strong man comforting him.
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    Bunny nursing

    Were they outdoor bunnies? They may have froze. I have a feeling she didnt actually feed them otherwise they should have lasted a good 72 hours after the first feeding. My "Nini" just had 5 babies and she hasnt fed them in 24 hours so I eye dropper fed them for 4 hours ,1 drop at a time...