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    Bunny pairing help

    I'm pretty sure boy/girl relationships work out better because the thing about same sex pairs is that their hormones are still somewhat there, so that may lead to fighting or territory problems. Go on YouTube and watch BudgetBunny she has 2 pairs of male/female pairs, and I think she has a video...
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    Litter of kits and a very defensive mother...

    I think I just read ur last post wrong or something, I didn't know that you did want another hutch, but anyways CONGRATZZ enjoy dem babies
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    Starting a rabbitry?

    The best thing to have is 2 bucks and 4 does if u want a small rabbitry, my medium sized rabbitry has 6 brood does, and 3 brood bucks ( this means that they are most likely only used for breeding. Be careful rabbits are addictive O.o my small rabbitry grew from 5 rabbits to 35 in one year. I...
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    Got a new Holland Lop buck! : is he show?

    His ears look a too long, but he will probable grow into them. The thing about buying a pretty colored show bunny in the holland lops case is that often the color interacts with the show genes and do some funky stuff , sometimes not always. If u go to a show and look at the holland lop table the...
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    Got a new rabbit at the show

    We had no intention at all to get a new rabbit, but the moment I laid my eyes on a SMITH ( star quality holland lop breeders ) chinchilla jr buck, I feel head over heals in love with him. We got him, obviously, and we named him shadow, he is the most loving lil' boy EVER. What do you think about...
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    Litter of kits and a very defensive mother...

    So I read ur last post, and from that I know that the mother doesn't know U that much... With my first litter the mother had a cow when I went near the nestbox. Try giving her a head massage every time you go into the nestbox, it really helps. And don't be afraid they can sense ur fear ( sounds...
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    Pictures of my reserved mini lop...

    We have a rabbit named George we call him georgi, he's such a Derp xD
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    Show this weekend

    Anyone going to the show this weekend in Greensboro, NC? Cause i am :3
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    Trampling babies??!! Why??

    I'm also right into the nestbox after they kindled :3
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    Trampling babies??!! Why??

    Also make sure the momma gets left alone, stress plays a major factor in te pregnancy. Ik ik you love your rabbit an u wan to cuddle it everyday, but the best thing to do is leave it alone MOST, not all, but most of the time
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    Is my rabbit pregnant?

    Btw don't blame the breeder. You should have researched first.
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    Is my rabbit pregnant?

    The thing is is that no madder what ur purpose is to do with your rabbits wether to breed or neuter you should ALWAYS read about rabbits in every single subject possible even pregnancy. Ik u didn't mean to do that but that was really irresponsible.
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    My doe is pregnant help!

    It takes 30 days to have the baby's *facepalm