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    What age should a puppy be introduced to a rabbit?

    Thank you! I probably should just wait until the puppy is born and we meet the litter before deciding what age I’ll let them be introduced but if the puppy is anything like Cash, hopefully that sort of thing would work - I’m so nervous🤣 😅
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    What age should a puppy be introduced to a rabbit?

    Also just realised I gave it the wrong title. “What age should a puppy be introduced to a rabbit” 😅
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    What age should a puppy be introduced to a rabbit?

    My family are getting a German shepherd in a few months (I’ve mentioned before in a previous thread). We have ended up going with a breeder, because the rescues at my local shelter weren’t compatible with rabbits, and keeping Apollo safe is the #1 priority. Apollo lives in my room on the second...
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    Sneezing a lot

    Apollo sneezes a lot in the spring time, I’m not all too sure why. But I mostly guess that it’s something bothering him, most likely his fur because he’s shedding? Maybe that’s the same for you :)
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    Where did you adopt your rabbit from?

    Mr Apollo is from a local(ish) RSPCA centre. I had owned two rabbits before him (both of which sadly passed), and before I got him, I did so much more research to rabbit care, because I could tell something wasn’t right 😅. While researching, it seemed that rescues seemed to be the most popular...
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    Are these safe to eat?

    He sounds just like Apollo haha! His treat ball is his fav! The palm leaf bowls are a favourite here too!
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    Get to know each other game!

    Me! My family are getting a dog this summer. I also have a chow chow called Zeus, but he lives with my dad. The person below me... is really bored with school. I know I am
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    Are these treats safe?

    I know a few small businesses in the US who sell forage and stuff. Mostly shops on Etsy that I’ve found through Instagram. bohobunnyco by BohoBunnyyco on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/BoBunnysBuffet?ref=search_shop_redirect And lots more! Apollo loves forage :p
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    Are these treats safe?

    Rosewood is horrible, and it’s so upsetting that they’re so trusted.
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    Are these treats safe?

    almost everything in the BTL Christmas box was unsafe. It’s absolutely ridiculous.
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    Are these treats safe?

    The selective naturals loops are okay. I remember the rescue we got Athena from had an absolute ton of them in a huge jar to give to the buns as we walked around 🙈 But I would avoid any rosewood product. The “edible wood” is just compressed sawdust. And can definitely cause some issues
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    Weird eating pattern

    Thank you! He’s acting normal aside from that so I do think he’s fine but I will of course keep an eye on him!!
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    Weird eating pattern

    Since maybe the first week of January, Apollo has only been eating after 6pm. He’ll eat his breakfast at 9am, and then anything given to him during the time between 9am-6pm, will only get a nibble or a sniff. And then after 6, he’ll eat like normal until maybe 1am. And will repeat it over again...
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    Sore hocks help!!

    Ah amazing!! Hopefully it gets better! 💛
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    To Neuter or To Not Neuter??

    I use wood pelleted litter, but as of now, i think you said you have a dog? If you have puppy pads you can use that. You could also just put hay in it, or kitchen roll it doesn’t matter too much though :)