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    Hedge hogs as pets???

    It is legal to own pet hedgehogs in the U.K. - we have some wild ones in our garden, they’re really friendly and keep coming up to us. Quote from the rspca website: ‘Unfortunately, It's currently legal to own an African pygmy hedgehog as a pet...’
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    Eating regular poop

    Thank you! Ill order some probiotics and I’ll lessen the veggies too, and see what helps. Thank you 🥰
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    Eating regular poop

    Athena has been eating her regular poops. They do seem darker and wetter than Apollo’s but they don’t look worrisome. Her diet is unlimited hay and water, 1 1/2 cup of veggies and 1/2 cup of pellets. She gets more pellets than apollo (he gets 1/4) because she’s had a previous health problem and...
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    Bunny will eat everything but hay

    Okay. So if his diet is unlimited hay, 1/4 cup of pellets, and a cup or two of veggies, a day. That should be fine. What I would suggest is lessening the pellets and veggies and just topping up the hay. Some rabbits are more picky about hay, and some store bought hats aren’t good enough for...
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    Bunny will eat everything but hay

    What his diet and quantities (1cup of pellets every morning for example)?
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    Pelleted Food - £8 for 4kg lasts around 1 month or 1 1/2 months - £8 pm Timothy Hay - £29.99 for 10kg - would be much cheaper if you could go to a farm. 10kg last is about 4-5 months at the moment. £6 pm Treats - £2-£6 - I either make my own or buy from small businesses Toys - £10 Vet Emergency...
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    What breed is Athena?

    She’s not much bigger than Apollo - I didn’t ask the rescue (oops), but because of her size, I would think that she is about 6lb. She’s a solid black-ish grey colour (no white). It’s quite hard to take pictures of her as anytime I move she thinks I have treats 😅 Aw, hopefully you’ll find Theo...
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    What breed is Athena?

    Thank you! Yeah, I’ll probably just say crossbreed when people ask 😆
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    What breed is Athena?

    As you may or may not know, I recently adopted a new bunny. And while I don’t care about what breed she is, it would be interesting to see what people think. The rescue says that she is an ‘old English cross’ but she doesn’t look like one. I think she’s got a tad bit of lop in her and her ears...
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    Shy Bunny - Hoping to Warm Up

    Congratulations on the new bunny! I also got a new rabbit (a friend for Apollo). For the first few days, because they’re shy-er let them settle into their new house, but after two or three days, try hand feeding their pellets. Athena at the moment, is letting me feed her and she’s letting...
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    Exciting news - for me at least 😆

    Thank you! I’ll definitely post more! She’s causing a ton of havoc at the moment lol!
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    Exciting news - for me at least 😆

    I just picked them up! She’s super sweet - she has helicopter ears and really big feet 😂 I’m renaming her Athena - so we’ll be working on changing her name. It won’t be too hard as she doesn’t know that she’s Sunday. She’s surprisingly the dominant one in the relationship - so all my assumptions...
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    What quantity of pellets do you feed?

    Both my rabbits are about 6lb. I have a Rex rabbit and crossbreed. Apollo (my Rex) gets just under 1/4 cup daily - we used to feed it as a treat but then somewhere along the way decided to feed more. Athena (my new bunny) will be getting 1/2 cup of pellets daily, as she struggles to maintain a...
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    My Backyard Bunny

    40 minutes isn’t too bad. The rescue we went to was a little over an hour away and Apollo was totally fine, he was flopping, in his usual set up (carrier with a bed and hay inside). But of course, it would depend on how Theo does while in the car. It should be fine to take him to the vet even...
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    A few questions about a rabbit I might be adopting

    I just found out from the rescue. The abscess was on the side of her face which they originally thought was caused by dental issues but wasn’t! It’s healed completely and you wouldn’t really be able to tell that she had it - so it shouldn’t come back. They just said that we need to keep an eye...