Yesterday's News a good litter?

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Feb 9, 2020
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Hi everyone!

I was just wondering if Yesterday's News cat litter is a good option for my bunny. My only thing is would he maybe eat them mistaking them for his food pellets??? This may be a stupid thing to be worried about but I figured I should ask you guys and see what you all think.

Thank you!!!
He won't mistake them for food and it is a good litter.
But for the sake of price, I would recommend getting horse stall wood pellets. It will last you a long time and it absorbs urine and odor extremely well. You can get these at any local farm store. They are also sold at hardware stores as wood stove pellets just make sure that you get the kind without an accelerant. But at my local farm store, I can get a 40lbs bag for about $6.
I used to (years ago) use Yesterday's News litter. It works fine but be sure it is the unscented version.

For years now, I've been using the wood pellets (different than shavings). They look just like Yesterday's News but are far less in cost and do an even better job than Yesterdays News.

You can see here how I use them in a litter box.
George seems to like digging in his litter box, will that be bad if he has wood pellets or will it make no difference?
No worries. They are safe. With hay on top, he may decide he prefers to eat the hay, rather than dig. But there are always those rabbits who seem to dig regardless. If he continues to dig, you can do a few things. One is to put a grid over the pellets (under the hay) inside the litter box. You could also provide a separate "digging box" for him to dig -- one with high sides.
I use yesterday's news. I like it because I can dump the dirty pans into my garden. I have hard clay soil and the paper pulp breaks down and helps improve the soil. I think it's better for my garden then wood pellets. But if you are going to toss it in the garbage, the pellets are cheaper

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