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Jul 15, 2023
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I was cleaning my bunny’s litter and saw these little white worms crawling around in the litter. Anyone have any ideas if they are coming from the bunny or just somehow got into the dirty litter pan? She’s an indoor rabbit who free ranges frequently inside but I am nervous to let her out if she has worms. Couldn’t get a vet appointment until Friday but curious if anyone knows what these are.


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Looks more like fly larvae to me. I think if they were comming from the rabbit they would be on/in the poop.
Clean the around the tlitter box too, they sometimes crawl away quite a bit to pupate.
Like Preitler said, fly larvae, or some other external worm. Intestinal parasites look very different.

Medirabbit: pinworms

If that's fly larvae, I would recommend checking your bun over very thoroughly several times a day, for damp fur or poop stuck in the fur, and signs of fly eggs or maggots on the fur. You just don't want to risk any chance of flystrike occurring.

Flystrike in Rabbits

If there are signs of fly eggs on your rabbit but absolutely no maggots, they need to be removed immediately and thoroughly, and the fur and skin cleaned and kept dry. If there are eggs and maggots on your rabbits fur and skin, get to the vet immediately! If in doubt at all, get your rabbit checked immediately. Flystrike can be fatal to a rabbit in less than 24 hours.

If it's not on your rabbit at all and only in the litter box, it's not necessarily a vet issue (unless there are any concerns they're in your rabbits fur/skin). But I would recommend keeping the litter box as clean and dry as possible while there are flies present. And try and keep those flies swatted as much as possible. For a rabbit that has clean and dry fur with no wounds, there's very little risk of flystrike occurring. But keeping a clean and dry environment as much as is possible, can help minimize that risk.

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