White spot under lens, blood in iris, EC?

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Dec 16, 2010
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Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
A few months ago I rescued a rabbit from the animal shelter. She is medium size, estimated 6 years old, and other than this white, filmy spot in her right eye (which is now showing a bit of blood), seems to be in good health. She is eating, drinking, and pottying normally. She does not show any signs of distress, no teeth grinding, not sensitive to touch.

We are going to the vet on Monday. I have been watching the spot for the past week and a half, and started her on Fenbendazole since I noticed it while waiting for the vet. While being medicated, that spot has slowed in growth, but hasn't decreased in size.

I know we are going to the vet soon, but I am curious for other people who have experienced this.

My questions include:
-Would this spot go away, with any treatment, or is it permanent damage at this point? The white spot is in the iris, and is just now starting to touch the pupil. It doesn't seem to affect her vision as far as I can tell. I have read in certain places, that the rabbit can lose the eye. I am curious if this is always the case.

-Based on the reading I have seen, it seems like this is not something that ever "is cured" but something that is managed for as long as the animal can live comfortably. Has anyone seen a rabbit with EC go on to live a full life?

-There are no other discernible symptoms of EC, is there anything else this could be besides EC? (We are going to the vet no matter what, but I am interested to know if anyone has ever had a rabbit with this spot and it been something other than EC)

To be honest, I adopted her in the middle of April, because she had been in the shelter since December, and I know that she didn't have a lot of time left there. I have no idea of her previous health history, and six was just the best estimate they could provide me. I took her in, one because she was lovely and sweet and likes to be held, and also because I didn't want her to spend whatever time she might have left in a cold steel cage, alone. It makes me cry just thinking about it now. But I truly didn't think that anything like this would happen, that we would be so close to a health issue, or something that seems so serious. Especially something contagious, that could spread to my two younger rabbits. I quarantined her, and they hadn't bonded, so she was living in a separate cage, but lived in the same room as my bonded pair.

Now I am just sad and scared. Hoping that someone has some good stories to share with me. Know this is kinda long and drawn out. I will post pictures following this text.


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Jan 8, 2011
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When you go to the vet, ask that she be tested for EC. The only thing is that since you've started her on panacur/safeguard it will affect the blood titer results. The vet needs to rule out any other possible causes for the spot anyway. We've had two rabbits affected by EC and I wish I could give you a good story, but neither had it affect their eyes.

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