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    Hi I recently rescued three rabbits that were going to be let go in the woods. I only took them in because it was a life or death situation but I really cannot give them the care that they need. They are in a C&C cage right now but it is my rabbits cage and he is living in a holder cage right now. I do not have the health,funds or time to care for this many troubled rabbits.

    Two are bonded, they hump and will need to be neutered but they get along. One doesn't like to be touched the other is friendly, but they are not aggressive.

    The other rabbit is alone because he is aggressive toward other rabbits but I don't like the thought of him living alone forever. He needs to be neutered and bonded. He is friendly and doesnt mind being pet or picked up. If neutering isn't possible I would like someone that could spend a lot of time with him.

    I'm looking for a someone or a rescue that will neuter the two and keep them together, and neuter the lone boy and find him a friend. I cannot do this myself but I want them to have a chance at life.

    I would like someone that could let me know how they are doing once in a while until they are settled in. If you can help at all please let me know.

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