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Jan 2, 2019
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Hi all! Don't worry, Misty is perfectly healthy! I was just wondering about some houseplants I have and whether or not they are toxic to buns. Misty sees my house as a giant sampling platter, so she's taken nibbles out of pretty much every plant I own and it's never caused any problems (of course I try to stop her, but she's determined). I know most toxic plants aren't a problem until eaten in large quantities, but in case she ever does that I want to know which plants to worry about. The first one is Christmas cactus. I have a few of these and she just loves to eat them. My cats have gotten digestive issues from eating these, so I could see them being toxic to rabbits, but I have found conflicting information online. Does anyone know if they are in fact toxic? Also amaryllis, those long leaves are hard to keep out of her reach. Last plant I'm curious about is shamrocks. I assume they are related to clover, so that should be fine, right?
Also are there any houseplants that you know are toxic that I didn't ask about?
Again, I am definitely not asking if it's okay to intentionally feed her these plants. I try to keep them out of reach, but she is quite big and athletic so there's not many places she can't get to.
Also just a tip for other people with this issue: I've found leaving that things that are safe to eat in a more accessible spot has discouraged her from eating other plants. A parsley or basil plant is great but Misty mows those down pretty fast. Pumpkins are handy because they are tasty and entertaining to chomp on! If you get organic bananas, the peels can be good to chew on (but nonorganic banana peels can have pesticides on them).

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