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Feb 25, 2021
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That’s exactly what he does! He nudges my hand with his nose, sniffs around and then nibbles once but I do feel it every time. Is he trying to be friendly or is be unhappy with something?
It means they are bonding/bonded with you. Bonded bunnies do this to groom or play with one another. It is literally like a love bite. As long as it is a little nibble and not a hard bite but I’d trust you’d know the difference as bites can be painful.

Diane R

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Dec 20, 2019
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London, UK
Also guys, should I brush his feet? I heard that you’re meant to but he’s not very fluffy on his feet, at least I don’t think he is. I did try a little but he hates it, he was trying to get away which made me feel awful. The fur is slightly tangled, but not massively. He’s a mini lop x mini lion lop so not very very very fluffy I wouldn’t say. I don’t think he needs them brushed but I’m not an expert so. I brush the rest of him fine and he’s okay with that but I’m not sure about his feet. I really don’t want to try and brush them again as I’m afraid he’ll injure himself.
You're doing great if he lets you brush his back and sides. Don't try to brush the feet. They need all the padding there, helps to prevent sore hocks.

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