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Oct 22, 2022
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I'm a new bunny owner. I feed my rabbits Oxbow Western Timothy hay and it seems that they eat the pieces that they like, and leave the harder hay pieces behind. It's like wasting half of the hay. If I just leave this unwanted hay in the feeder, will they eventually accept and eat them when they are hungry? Or will they starve themselves?
They will starve themselves-- or they will try to fill up on anything else like greens or pellets instead. That would not be good since we want them eating loads of hay every day. You are correct that rabbits love to pick through the hay for whatever strands they deem best. Don't worry about "wasted" hay. It's part of rabbit ownership. Never let the hay run out before adding new. They should always have plenty of hay to pick through.

Now if you are purchasing bagged hay from the pet store, I can see why that may be a concern. It is very expensive to buy it that way. You can try looking for a feedstore or local farm -- they typically sell hay by the bale. A bale of hay is an exponentially cheaper way to get hay.

Ideally, their hay should be refreshed at least twice daily.

I definitely agree. Try to find a local feed store, pet supply store, or farm. I would be paying $27 for maybe about 12 ounces of timothy hay. It’s the largest bag of any kind of hay they sell at my local pet supply store. That’s cheaper than what any other stores here charge for the exact same thing. At that same local pet supply store, I can get a 40 lbs bale of locally grown, very compressed timothy hay for $25. I don’t buy hay for months at a time. Weigh your options, it may be worth it😉

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