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Oh man! Your rabbits must have an incredible life!
I see some snow. What province or state do you live and how cold can the rabbits tolerate?

Thank you for your kind words. I live in Ontario on the edge of Algonquin Park. The insulated garage gets down to -10c or so while the bunny barn which is uninsulated but well ventilated gets down to -20c. I use bunny boxes filled with processed straw, heated water bowls and chicken coop heater in the barn. Using a thermal cam on my phone i can check that they are keeping their body temperatures at 35c as well as digital sensors that alarm if things get too hot cold or damp.

I want all my animals, bunnies, chickens, ducks as well as 2 dogs and 4 rescure cats to feel like they have won the lottery. I am retired and now that is my job and we all work hard together to make sure everybody is thriving.

I have a running ad for bunnies and once they pass my screening i give them away for free so i can stay on top of the numbers. Three went last week and another 4 planned to go out 2 weeeks after easter. I wont adopt any out close to easter for their safety.


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20240417_192649.jpgMy lady is casually chilling in the bale bin. She likes to munch there when her litterbox hay isn't cutting it any more.

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