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I think it's refering to removing the cats claws. Something I've only seen in the US, it's illegal here.
That is sad, we Have our cats near our Rabbits, but we always have their fencing between them and a cover over our rabbits. I'm just not ever brave enough to let my cats and rabbits mingle. I'm glad you shared your story with us, it gives the rest of us food for thought
Basil was a beautiful happy 7 month old mini rex. He was loved very much by his family and was full of life and binkies.
On July,30,2012 his owners two year old male cat who had never been aggressive attacked Basil. The attack lasted all of 1 minute with a scratch to Basil's nose, a mild bite mark on his ear that did not puncture and a mild scratch just under his left eye.

I was in my friends home when the attach took place and I calmed him down and doctored his scratches with anti bacterial ointment from my bunny first aid kit.

The injuries did not look serious enough for the vet in fact they kinda looked like paper cuts. We returned Basil to his cage and I told my friend to cover the cage and keep him quiet. Yesterday July,31,2012 my friend came to me in the evening and said Basil was very sick. I went to him to find a strange creamy fluid coming from the scratches and his eye was swollen shut. My friend did not have the money to vet him so Jason and I agreed to vet him as soon as the specialist was opened in the a.m.

When I went this morning to pick him up we found that he had passed away. Basil died due to toxins carried in the cats claws when he received the scratches.

I spoke with Sas (Pipp) and she went threw the same thing with a bunny who received very minor scratches as well and was vetted for them. The fatality rate for this kind of injury can by as high as 80 percent. It has been described to Sas as a lethal injection.
Please be careful when you have bunnies and cats living together. Basil's family is heart broken for his lose and the word needs to be spread. Rest in peace sweet Basil bun.....:pink iris:
considering that people can get seriously ill from cat bites or scratches it's not surprising that a bunny would have serious complications as well.

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