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Same goes for dogs.. I had a rabbit killed by a dog when I was a child ..horrific. me and cats just dont get along.

So sorry for your loss. :(
I have a few questions, is Hova a strictly inside cat? And has Hova been to a vet lately?
Generally speaking most cats do not aggressively attack for no reason. Cats, like rabbits, sometimes have hidden health issues that make them cranky and look like they attack without provocation or very slight provocation. Cats can have inflammation or infection in the lining of their bladders, for example, and there are no true test for it, just behaviors that cause people to consider them a@@holes (I was one of these people because my seemingly healthy cat peed everywhere but the box, for years. Simple long term antibiotics was the cure after talking to a rescue because it was ditch him after 14 years or kill him in the most non-humane way when catching him peeing in clean laundry.
Ever watch MY CAT FROM HELL? with Jackson Galaxy, he has saved many cats people hated by addressing hidden health issues or trauma.
I would to know more because there is no way I can get rid of our cats, they do not really interact with the rabbits much, because the bunnies scare them, as they have been attacked by the rabbits for no reason that we could tell.
Yes Hova is strictly indoors. He lives in a high rise condo and is never outside and actually yes he was at the vet about a month ago for his shots and wellness check....It is truly a mystery why he attacked Basil.
How sad.

My cat also had wellness checks and checks looking for UTIs because of the peeing, he checked out fine.
I really like the Jackson Galaxy show because sometimes he picks up of things that most people, vets included miss. One show he somehow knew a cat had vision issues by the way she acted, turned out she was mostly blind so it was like she was being scared by her family all the time. There was another that when they touched his hind quarters he became defensive, aggressive when people continued to "massage" his back, discovered arthritis or something, I don't remember.

Is there anything preventive cat and bunny owners can do? At this point, rehoming either is not an option.
I'd never get mad at cats over something like this.
It is sad, and yes they do need to be monitored together.. but it's no reason to hate cats, and not all cats have prey drives like that.
My cats don't go in the bedroom anymore since moving, they aren't allowed so Peppy no longer interacts with them, but they got along swimmingly in the past. Even if the cats were grumpy and swatted at him they never once had claws out.

It's a freak accident, and it's sad.. but it's by no means a regular occurrence and I wouldn't let it change my perspective of kitties in the least.
I don't think it should change anyone's feelings on cats at all. This was a freak accident and Hova is not being blamed. Nobody should start dumping cat's because of this. But people do need to be made aware of the danger and take precautions to keep there bun safe from such an injury. We NEVER thought Hova would hurt Basil he is a sweet loving cat with a fun personality. The purpose of this thread is to educate on the dangers of even the most mild scratches.
:tears2: I'm bummed out. Guess you have to treat them like we used to do with coral scratches. We'd use a scrub brush and lots of vinegar and then antibiotic--hurt like the devil but kept the swelling and infection down. Of course, you'd need to use an anti-b instead of vinegar.
So sad. :sad:

The problem is usually more the bites than the scratches, the bacteria in a cat's mouth is deadly to bunnies, but both require immediate care. Cat bites are lethal something like 80% of the time. Its hard to see them because the teeth can be like needles.

I will continue telling people that cats and rabbits will most often get along, but they need to be aware that even one brief spat can be deadly.

If there is an altercation of any kind, the rabbit should be taken to a vet (preferably within four hours) and get substantial doses of antibiotics even if the injuries appear minor.

Some vets aren't aware of the danger, so clients should be pro-active.

My Scooter attacked a cat, his ear was in her mouth and she chomped down on his ear while screeching. The vet diagnosed it as a hematoma and Scooter died. :(

sas :rip: Basil
My cat has killed a few wild rabbits that run around our yard. One was a baby. I got after him for it, but it is a natural instinct and so I don't blame him.

He stays away from MY rabbits though. When they are around him he could care less and more often than not he makes a disgusted face and turns the other way. If he ever showed signs of wanting to attack my rabbits, he would get in a heap more trouble.

I'd never not have cats because I have rabbits. There are some dogs I would not own (not breeds, just dogs based on personality) if they had a prey instinct to go after my rabbits. I've been lucky that the dogs I have owned were fine with rabbits.

Some of you might remember when I first got Harvey he got scratch/bitten while chasing my cat. Cat was defending himself it was not a prey thing. Anyway due to a bad vet his ear got infected and he almost lost it. He still has scars from it and bald patches on his ear. He gets along great with the cats. He likes to play and chase the bigger cat (the one that scratched him). However now the cat enjoys the attention. My other cat is not a bitter or scratcher. I trust him to never hurt Harvey or really anyone. I do keep their claws trimmed regularly and do not let them interact with Harvey without me there. I do trust my cats.

Now I have had cats all my life. I have been scratched, not bitten hard, and never once had a problem. I will never be without a cat nor will I think they are awful. This would never ever make me get rid of my cats or Harvey. I've been thinking about soft paws anyway because Merlin, my older cat, has a bad habit of clawing my sofa.
I would like to note that this sudden attack from cats isn't entirely uncommon. A seemingly simple thing that causes any kind of change or stress can actually lead up to this without you ever realizing it was going to happen. I'm very very sorry for the loss of Basil and send many hugs to Basil's family.

I had a similar experience, but with my dog... I own a 25 lb Beagle. My aunt got two kittens when I lived with her. These two cats were raised for the first two years of their life with Charlie(Beagle). When I moved out, Charlie and I still visited with high frequency. One day, while I was watching Charlie and the female cat communicate in the way friendly animals do(him trying to initiate play and her playfully swatting at him with her paw), it happened out of nowhere. The male cat came flying down the hall, landed on top of my dog and attacked. He wouldn't back off. It happened so fast... It soon turned to my dog feeling he had no choice but to defend himself and he fought back, never actually biting the cat, but making threats while the cat clawed him up. My uncle tried to grab my dog to drag him away, but dog his hands torn open from the cat in the process. I proceeded to jump in. At this point, the female cat jumped in after the male cat and was able to distract him for a brief moment. Despite getting clawed, I was bound and determined not to let it get any further and end up with either animal severely injured or dead. I dragged my dog back into my uncles bloody hands, and while he dragged my pooch into the living room, I went for the cat who quickly tried to pursue my dog! I finally scruffed the cat, threw him in my aunts bedroom, slammed the door shut and assessed the damages.

The backs of my uncles hands and fingers were torn open(he likely should have gotten stitches, but never did)... My knuckle was torn open and I had various cuts along my hands and wrists. My dog had one long cut across the top of his nose, and a nick on his bottom eyelid(what a close one that was!), as well as another long scratch dragged down the side of his muzzle and cheek.

My dog was shaken, highly upset, but otherwise, no major damage to him. My uncle and I got the worst of it(thank god, as I live in Canada and it's free health care for me, but certainly not for my dog!). I cleaned up my dogs wounds and pampered him, before finally going off to tend to my own injuries. My knuckle should have been stitched. It was severely infected by the next day and I had to get antibiotics from the doctor to fight infection before it spread. My uncles hands healed nicely, and I still sport the scars.

The worst scars of all are the mental scars my dog now carries. He is TERRIFIED of cats. If they are laying down and not moving, he'll go say hi, but as soon as they're standing and walking, he goes into a panic attack, and tries to run away. Often ending up directly in my arms, shivering, shedding, panting and crying. If a cat persists(dog friendly cats in my family who we have been trying to desensitize him to), he was at the point where he would snap at them. He's now progressing, but extremely slowly and as much as I love cats, I will never again own or live with a cat.

I would sooner get soft paws than get my cats declawed if I ever did own any. However... I don't feel they're suited to me or my lifestyle anymore(rabbit, snake, hamster, dog afraid of cats, fiance doesn't like cats, etc).
So sorry to hear your loss of Basil…my heart hurts for you💔💔
its wonderful to know about the danger of cats though…, so thank you for all who jumped in with information to protect our buns at any cost!!

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