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Mar 18, 2012
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Stevens Point, WI, USA
Hi everyone! My rabbit Dr. Cheese seems to be exhibiting a lot of territorial behavior ever since I got him approx 2 years ago (he's 3). These behaviors all seem to be revolving around me as he doesn't show these behaviors towards my boyfriend who also lives with us. I assume that's because I'm his primary resource of food/attention, but some examples of this behavior include food protection with charging towards people other than myself (this has gotten much better, but will occasionally happen around new people still), increasingly frequent attempts to mount my leg (currently the most frequent issue), chinning furniture/people very frequently as he explores the same areas daily, and daily urination on my bed (I no longer sleep in the same room as him so this has ceased). Are there other things I should be doing to help alleviate some of these behaviors? As stated in the title he was fixed before I adopted him, and I plan to eventually bond him to another rabbit, but I worry that these issues will increase or cause him more undue stress.

Let me know if I left out any information that would be helpful, and I appreciate any tips/suggestions!
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I would have checked if he actually is fixed properly.

I have intact bucks as free range house bunnies, the first one was alone with me for 2 years, and none of the issues you describe were there, so I wouldn't assume it's just about hormones but consider that it could be more about his character or his setup or such.

After 2 years I got Heern Hase a spayed cuddlebun, well, worked out great overall, apart from the occasional spraying at her with no regard where they are, and him trying to hump her at certain times of the year (sweet, patient girl just keeps hopping away, gets quite some exercise that way)
We've had a couple that would have fought with a rock and others that were super mellow with everyone--each is an individual. Bonnie, a little Vienna marked that was neutered still showed courting behavior around me (Larry) and if Nancy came into the room she would screech and attack--if I wasn't in the room she was mellow toward Nancy--I thought it was hilarious, Nancy , not so much.

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