Symptoms of Kidney Problems

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I submitted Fauna's urine test today.

I'm having her checked for the Specific Gravity (kidney disease),glucose, PH levels, white blood cell levels, sediment for bacteria,& amoung of blood in the urine.

Will let you know what the results are as soon as I hear.


RaspberrySwirl wrote:
Carolyn wrote:
I'll ask for a 'Specific Gravity' test as well. I'm not sure what exactly that means, 'Specific Gravity'...
Definition of 'Specific Gravity' - The effect that the combination of age and childbirth has on theboobs of a middle age woman. OH!:shock: Did I say that???
One of the nicer things about growing older, is that a man can appreciate the beauty in any woman, young, "middle aged," or older. As a young man, you are basically only enticed by the younger woman. As an old man, you see the beauty you were incapable of seeing because you were blinded by youth.

I don't believe "specific gravity,"nor childbirth necessarily makes a woman look unattractive, but,perhaps,more luscious and "womanly,"after all. Don't you ladies sell yourself short. From all the pictures you have posted of yourselves,you still can turn a fellow's head, believe me!

And ole' Buck wouldn't lie to you, either!

Well the missusbetter keep close tabs on that one! These desperate housewives will be fighting over BuckJones in aheartbeat!

Dear God I hope my husband ages with that kind of wisdom!!!


BunnyMommy wrote:
Carolyn, do they project approximately how long it will take for the tests to come back?

I'm sure they got the results back the same day, BunnyMommy. They told me that they'd call, but they didn't. Will call today and let you know.


Urine test is in and my baby girl does have a Urinary Tract Infection. (Believe me, I'm relieved because antibiotics can help that.)

I'm off to the doctors to get her medication.


Carolyn, this is a relief - the lesser of all 'evils'. Thanks for posting about everything that has been done to help Fauna - the more info we have, the better. Give her (and tucker) big hugs from us.

Raspberry, that was sooo funny :D

Buck, perhaps you could come and educate a certain husband here in the UK ;)

So her only problem is a Uti?? Not that that is good, cause i am sure its painful but better than something untreatable.

Yes Ladies!


The only problem is a Urinary Tract Infection. (Woo Hoo!) Of all things that I could've wished for, that would've been the one.

No Arthritis
No Uterine Cancer
No Kidney Disease
No Kidney Failure

We're Over the Top here in Tucker Town today. My Boy is running around and getting into mischief and trouble, and my Girl is laying peacefully stretched out. Hopefully the treatment of the Baytril will soon have her no longer hunched in her litter corner - and she'll be able to clean her own tail again.


Happy Day! Your thoughts and prayers did it again!

Thanks to All.

Princess Fauna does not like taking her medicine! :X

Oh No! :X She doesn't like it At All. :X

Wait'll MyBunnyBoys finds out her baby girl's going to be okay! :dude:

Thanks Folks! :) :) :) :)

-Fauna, Tucks, and Carolyn.

Auntie Nae, FINALLY, I'm hoping to return to some normalcy here! :shock:
Carolyn wrote:
...FINALLY, I'm hoping to return to some normalcy here! :shock:
And then...along will come Night of Lepus, and with all the consternation that can cause! Hope these buns have a good memory, when they haul us up before the bunny court in Tucker Town,come Saturday, the 30th.

So glad things worked out! Well, with the exception of her not liking to take her meds that is. :p

I still feel bad for the poor thing. UTIs are NOT fun.
Carolyn wrote:
Wait'll MyBunnyBoys finds out her baby girl's going to be okay!
Oh I'm so happy I could do a little dance! I have Mocha in right now and I read this and just yelled, "Mocha, she's okay!" He gave me acurious look and just ran right to me and let me hug him shortly, lol.
WooHoo! I wasn't around much yesterday, so am just now seeing the wonderful news! I'm so happy for Miss Fauna! And for you too my friend!

Thanks Folks! I knew you'd understand.

My girl'suncomfortable, but hopefully by tomorrow she'll befeelingbetter as the Baytril will start to kick in.


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