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May 9, 2012
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Otsego, Michigan, USA
Hi all, I am looking to study abroad this summer in Ghana. This is where slavery began. Along the coast there are many slave castles. Each one owned by a different countries. Thousands of slaves were held in these castles at a time before they were shipped.

As a future educator, I believe that a better understanding of diversity, adversity and tolerance is important, especially in early education. It is the foundation for developing awareness in children as they grow. As a future Special Education educator, I believe acceptance is also very important. By traveling on this trip, I will be more aware myself and have a better understanding of diversity as well as working in diverse settings.

Below I have listed a link for my fund raising page, please share the information as well.

Just to let you know, encouragement is equally as appreciated. I have a recent financial set back as my education goes and am trying to stay positive!

Study Abroad in Ghana: History of the Slave Trade

Btw, my buns have a great care giver planned for while I am gone as well as back up support in case there are any questions ;)
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