Should I get a fourth or rehome?

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May 3, 2021
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united states

So a year ago I got my first rabbit. He's not very social with me but is with my small dogs that I own. So after owning him for awhile I figured it was time to get another after doing research. So I got him neutered. We got the second rabbit and the bonding went very well. They got along great when we did bonding sessions. When we started to let them free roam around the house together after a few months (supervised). I noticed that he would spend about 30 minutes with her and then hop up on a table we have for him and get away from her. She was too young to get up there. She would then start looking for him and getting upset. So I did some research and figured that she would like a friend so that some attention would be taken off of my original bunny. The original took very well to the new addition but the second rabbit didn't give her much attention. Then the second rabbit got in a fight with the new rabbit and ripped some fur out. I kept them separated and had no bonding sessions for a couple of days. The fighting stopped and they even started grooming each other. But just a week ago the second and third rabbit started fighting again. I believe that the second is being territorial of the first rabbit. I'm not 100% sure but they still groom each other all three of them do but they fight every few days and I now have to keep them separated. The first rabbit has never started a fight before its only my two females. should i get rid of the third rabbit or are my rabbits right to introduce a fourth?