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  1. F

    Male new foundland dwarf intentionally pulls out fur of female while humping

    I'm trying to start bonding a male and a female rabbit, it's more introductions and pre bonding untill I get them neutered but they do hump as expected. Originally it was just him humping her ( us of course taking measures to prevent pregnancy) Albert has been pulling out Maude's hair while...
  2. L3chunk

    Bonding 4 rabbits! Need advice what’s best

    Hello! So I have a bonded pair both neutered, (Gus 4 years old and Colette 2 years old), And just recently rescued a 6 month old male Uri , neutered, and a 8 month old female Tully. Uri and Tilly are not bonded yet, but separated in space by a fence, so they can see/smell each other. My bonded...
  3. T

    Neutered male rabbit becoming overly hormonal again

    Hi! I have 2 rabbits (Male and Female). They’re both free roam and both littler trained. The Female is about to turn 2 and the male is around 8/9 years. (I’m unsure of his age as he was adopted as an older bunny and they told me he was about 7 but I’ve had him for 3 years not and he’s very...
  4. K

    Should I get a fourth or rehome?

    Hello! So a year ago I got my first rabbit. He's not very social with me but is with my small dogs that I own. So after owning him for awhile I figured it was time to get another after doing research. So I got him neutered. We got the second rabbit and the bonding went very well. They got along...
  5. K

    How to bond two female bunnies?

    Hello, This is a very serious concern for me. I have a Netherland dwarf bunny female named Koko, who is a little over a year old. My family has been planning on bringing a new bunny home so Koko could have a friend. But we haven't been able to do that because everyone was so busy. However...
  6. BunnyLandia

    Pairing 1 month old bunny with much older rabbit

    Hi guys, so About 3 months ago I bought an adult female rabbit from the flea market. Her names pancake. Last week I decided to buy a 1 month old lionhead male bunny. When I put them together, my female rabbit pancake always lunges at the new bunny, growls and attacks him. I am a new rabbit owner...
  7. K

    How to bond?

    So, I'm a new bunny owner. I bought all the necessities for her and now, I want to try bonding with her. I know I have to patience and take things slow. She puts her head down each time I lift my hand up. I feel like she's allowing me to pet her, well I hope so. Do bunnies like to be petted...
  8. Kait88

    Bonding & Grooming

    hey y’all! I have a 2 year old Harlequin Dutch Mix rescue male named Sox that I adopted a year ago now & recently decided to bond him. I adopted a female Hotot de Blanc that was born at a rescue on the 30th of June. Her name is Tulip & she is almost 8 months old now. All of their dates have gone...