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Our older Dutchie lost his best friend after 7 years.
Leo was doing fine but he looked very lonel.
‘After 7 months we decided to get a new bun and hope that they would bond.
‘Bond they did—after only a few days.
‘Daisy follows LEO everywhere.


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This is my Lily, I call her Lily-Bean or Bean. No idea why. I took her in after a friend's neighbour was moving and couldn't take her with them. Not sure how old she is. She's my little office assistant ☺️❤️


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Say hi to Iris.
She's a rascal but she's lovely. Also super brainy.
This is her self-foraging for the grasses i'd been drying for her. Onto my bed and onto the food, no shame whatsoever.20230528_103633.jpg