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  1. LassieBunBun

    Rabbit "popsicles"

    I just made rabbit "popsicles"...kind of. I cut up 1 banana, 4 strawberries, put in six ice cubes in place of water and some oregano. I had my mom blend it all together and I poured it in one of our ice cube trays, I was able to pour 10 servings now it's on the freezer. I know it's a lot of...
  2. LassieBunBun

    Quick question! (distinguishing traits)

    Sorry about the title, I just don't know how to word my question but I'm gonna try.... You know how humans are found apart from their finger prints and dogs for their noses? How do you tell bunnies apart using this way of identification?
  3. LassieBunBun

    Your fav rabbit YouTubers?

    I've been watching A LOT of Guinea pig youtubers lately and I want to watch some rabbit youtubers so who's your favorite rabbit youtuber? I follow Morgan (aka Sincerely,Cinnabun) and I use to watch Hailey (101Rabbits) and watched very few of Lorelai's (Lennon the Bunny) videos but I'm not big of...
  4. LassieBunBun

    What are heat exhaustion/stroke symptoms?

    The other day it got really hot in my room (over 75°f/23.89°c) even with the AC on and the bunnies ears were a bit warm and they were lethargic so I gave them ice water, turned off my light, turned the fan on (not directly on them) and shut my door to cool it down some. Luckily that worked but...
  5. LassieBunBun

    Share your cuties please

    Yesterday I gave Blossom and Thumper some brown paper (not the first time) and wanted to try and capture their personalities with it while they were asleep. That didn't go as planned but I think I still captured their personalities and I was hoping that you guys could share your cuties/your buns...
  6. LassieBunBun

    Got'cha Day!

    I just wanted to make a post that today is Blossom and Thumper's 5th Got'cha Day! I can hardly believe that it's been 5 years already! What should I do for them? I already gave them treats but I wanna do something more, any suggestions?
  7. LassieBunBun


    So I just found out that our hardware store (affiliated with Ace Hardware) sells Kaytee forti-diet natural pellets rabbit food and they can not be returned once bought. To avoid getting bad pellets again, is the Oxbow Essentials actually good for rabbits? I won't be able to get pellets for so...
  8. LassieBunBun

    Tell me

    I saw this trend on Instagram and thought it might be fun here; So tell me that your rabbits are molting without say they're molting. (Pictures do count!) I'll start! (You're gonna have to look closely since we recently cleaned their areas, Thumper has white tufts of fur everywhere but it's...